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Fuller Form of Name

Mandatory Repeatable Data Type Authority Public Element
No No Variable Character Length (700) None Yes
Definition: More complete form of a person's name than is indicated in Name.
Purpose: Provides additional identifying information when the common form of a person's name is not their full, legal name. Assists users in distinguishing among people with the same name.
Relationship: This element is dependent on Name. To have Fuller Form of Name, Name must be created.

Enter the fuller form of the person's name. Do not end the name with a period.

Do not enter a fuller form of a name without first indicating the authorized form in Name.

Name - Kennedy, John F.
Fuller Form of Name - John Fitzgerald
Name - Westmoreland, William C.
Fuller Form of Name - William Childs
Name - Lee, Robert E.
Fuller Form of Name - Robert Edward

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