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Mandatory Repeatable Data Type Authority Public Element
No No Variable Character Length (240) None Yes


Definition: A roman numeral which is the subsequent part of a person's forename (first name). In general, a numerator is usually only part of the names of popes and royalty.


Purpose: Provides the numeration in a person's name, which assists users in distinguishing among people with the same names.


Relationship: This element is dependent on Name. To have Numerator, Name must be created.



Enter the numeration for the person's name.

Only use this element when the numerator is part of the person's forename or first name, such as Queen Elizabeth II or Pope John Paul II. If the number is part of a person's surname or last name, such as William Howard Taft IV, use Personal Title.




Name - Elizabeth
Numerator - II
Personal Title - Queen of Great Britain

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