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Organization Source Note

Mandatory Repeatable Data Type Authority Public Element
No No Variable Character Length (2000) None No
Definition: Bibliographic resources used to develop the description of the organization, especially the sources used to determine its Establish Date or Abolish Date, construct its Organization Name, or develop its Administrative History Note.
Purpose: Indicates where someone could look for more information about an organization or substantiate the information about an organization.
Relationship: This element is dependent on Organization Name. To have Organization Source Note, Organization Name must be created.

Enter citations for sources used to create the description of the organization. Sources might include accessioned records, NARA-prepared finding aids, the U.S. Government Manual, or published organizational histories.

The citation must specify the accessioned series; the control number of a NARS-5 description; or the title, edition, and page number of any published source. A full bibliographic citation is not required, but the citation must enable users to locate the source.

The United States Government Manual, 1993-94.
Department of State. Principal Officers of the Department of State and United States Chiefs of Mission. 1990.
Preliminary Inventory Number 101. War Department Collection of Confederate Records. 1957.
MACV Directive No. 10-21, Organization and Functions. Various editions, 1969-72.
Title 44, Chapter 21, Section 2102. Establishment of the National Archives and Records Administration.

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