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Records Center Transfer Number

Mandatory Repeatable Data Type Authority Level Available A/V Only Public Element
No Yes Variable Character Length (60) None Series
File Unit
No Yes


Definition: The unique identifier assigned to a group of records that has been transferred into the physical custody of a records center. Formerly this was commonly known as the Records Center Accession Number


Purpose: Allows users to search for archival materials by records center transfer number. Will help NARA to create linkages in lifecycle systems.


Relationship: This element is independent, but Transfer Note is dependent on it. To have Transfer Note, either Internal Transfer Number or Records Center Transfer Number must be created.



Use this field if the archival materials were formerly stored in a records center.

Enter the transfer number as it appears on a Standard Form 135, in NARS-5, or on a private records center dossier.

Do not include notes or explanations in this element. If additional information is needed to clarify the number or explain why the archival materials were transferred, use Transfer Note.




NRAB 342-68-1002





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