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Use For (UF)

Mandatory Repeatable Data Type Authority Public Element
No No Variable Character Length (700) Topical Subject Thesaurus, Geographic Reference Thesaurus, Specific Records Type Thesaurus, and Program Area Thesaurus Yes



The non-preferred, non-authorized form of a subject heading.

Supports the primary purpose of vocabulary control to achieve consistency in description and to facilitate retrieval regardless of terminology entered by the user.



Geographic coordinates indicate the location of a place on the globe.


Relationship: This element is dependent on Topical Subject, Geographic Reference, Specific Records Type, or Program Area. To have a Use For, one of these authority headings must be created and it must be a preferred record.



For cataloging subject headings, see the Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings (Library of Congress).




Topical Subject:
    • UF: Franchise
      UF: Right to vote
      UF: Voting rights
  • Suffrage


Geographic Reference:
    • UF: Charles Towne (S.C.)
  • Charleston (S.C.)


Specific Records Type:
    • UF: photographs, aerial
  • Architectural photographs


Program Area:
    • UF: Atomic energy
  • Nuclear power plants and reactors

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