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Variant Person Name

Mandatory Repeatable Data Type Authority Public Element
No Yes Variable Character Length (700) None Yes


Definition: Additional or variant names commonly used for the person, including nicknames, pen names, or transliterations.


Purpose: Allows users to search for people by any known name. Ensures that users are able to identify and retrieve records about a particular person consistently, regardless of the use of common variants in the search.


Relationship: This element is dependent on Name. To have Variant Person Name, Name must be created.



Enter any additional or variant name for the individual.

Use initial capital letters. Enter the name in inverted order: last name, first name, middle name or initial. Separate the last name and first name with a comma. Do not end a name with a period, unless it ends with an initial.

Do not enter Variant Person Name unless Name has been given.

Give explanations of variant names in Biographical Note.




Name - Kennedy, John F.
Fuller Name - John Fitzgerald
Variant Person Name - JFK
Variant Person Name - Kennedy, Jack


Name - Onassis, Jacqueline Kennedy
Variant Person Name - Bouvier, Jacqueline
Variant Person Name - Kennedy, Jacqueline
Variant Person Name - Kennedy, Jackie

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