Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

How to Access Archival Records requested through Special Access and FOIA


Visit our Electronic Reading Room

Visit in Person

You or your designated representative may view a redacted version of the file in Room 4000, the reading room operated by the Motion Pictures Branch at our College Park, Maryland, facility. To make arrangements, please contact our office at least one week in advance of your placed visit. When you arrive in the reading room a NARA staff member will prove a CD/DVD with a copy of the file in pdf format that can be transferred to a blank CD/DVD or to your personal storage device. There is no charge to transfer the file, unless you need to purchase a blank CD/DVD in the reading room.


If you or your representative are unable to visit our College Park, Maryland, facility, the standard rate for reproduction orders is $0.80 per page, regardless of format. Please contact our office directly if you would like to place an order. Please be sure to include your FOIA case number.

For more information, please see NARA's Fee Schedule.


Independent Researchers for Hire

See NARA's Independent Researcher List