Foreign Affairs

Records of the Office of Inter–American Affairs (RG 229)

This agency was established to promote increased hemispheric solidarity and inter-American cooperation, especially in commercial and economic areas. The agency operated under several different names: Office for Coordination of Commercial and Cultural Relations Between the American Republics (August 1940 - July 1941), Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs (July 1941 - March 1945), and Office of Inter-American Affairs (March 1945 - May 1946). When the agency was abolished, its remaining functions were transferred to the Department of State.

In addition to a number of series of general records, including the "Central Files," there are records from the following major organizational elements:

  • Immediate Office of the Coordinator
  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of Information
  • Department of Press and Publications
  • Division of Agriculture
  • Department of Basic Economy
  • Department of Special Services

National Archives Inventory 7: Records of the Office of Inter-American Affairs (29.6 MB), prepared in 1973, describes the records in more detail.

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