Research at the National Archives



Many of the Department of State records described here are available on National Archives Microfilm Publications. The Diplomatic Records microfilm catalog is divided into five parts. First is the introduction. Part II is a brief description of each publication, arranged by record group. Part III is a list of publications of Decimal File records, part of the central file, 1910–1963. Part IV is a list of publications by country or area. Part V is a roll–by–roll breakdown, usually with dates or file numbers, of each publication listed, arranged by publication number.

To find this catalog within the Microfilm Catalog:

  1. Click Advanced Search (next to the Search button)
  2. In the right–hand column, under Subject Catalog, select ‘Diplomatic Records”
  3. Enter any related Subject Terms (in the search box above) such as a country name
  4. Hit “Search”

Microfilm is also available for purchase.