Foreign Affairs

Records of Interdepartmental and Intradepartmental Committees (RG 353)

This record group includes records of a variety of Department of State committees, task forces, and working groups. It includes records of both internal Departmental committees as well as inter-agency committees of which the Department was one member. The Department often served as the official secretariat of the committees for which records are found in this record group.

There are records relating to a wide variety of committees, task forces, and working groups. Among them are the following (this list is not comprehensive):

  • Records of committees maintained by the Executive Secretariat, 1933-1977
    This includes committees on administrative and personnel, areas and countries, economics, information, intelligence, security and military affairs, social policy and cultural affairs, and transportation and communications.
  • State-War-Navy/State-Army-Navy-Air Force Coordinating Committee, 1944-1949
  • National Intelligence Survey Committees, 1948-1965
  • Policy Committee on Arms and Armaments, 19945-1949
  • Committee on the Proclaimed List, 1917-1919, 1941-1948
  • Policy Committee on Arms and Armaments, 1945-1949
  • Advisory Council on Technological Cooperation, 1938-1953
  • Working Group on Point IV Management, 1949
  • Policy Committee on Immigration and Naturalization, 1947-1956
  • Inter-Agency Youth Committee, 1959-1973
  • President's Task Force on Communications Policy, 1967-1969
  • SWNCC/SANACC Military Information Control Committee/State-Defense Military Information Control Committee/National Disclosure Policy Committee, 1945-1969
  • Interdepartmental Committee on Internal Security, 1948-1969
  • Joint USA-USSR Documentary Project on Russian-American relations, 1765-1815, 1975-1981

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