Foreign Affairs

Records of the U.S. High Commissioner for Germany [HICOG] (RG 466)

In 1949, responsibility for American participation in the control of occupied Germany switched from the military to the Department of State. The U.S. High Commissioner for Germany (HICOG) was established as an element of the Department to handle those duties. HICOG continued the work begun under the Office of Military Government, United States (OMGUS); represented the U.S. on the Allied High Commission; and worked with the Economic Cooperation Administration (ECA) and the Mutual Security Agency (MSA) on economic matters. Upon reestablishment of a recognized national government in the Federal Republic of Germany in May 1955, HICOG was abolished and the U.S. established formal political relations handled through the U.S. embassy in Bonn.

This record group includes records from the following HICOG organizations:

  • High Commissioner's Office
  • U.S. Secretariat, Allied High Commission
  • U.S. Courts of the Allied High Commission
  • U.S. Element, Military Security Board
  • Berlin Element
  • Land Commissioner for Bavaria
  • Land Commissioner for Bremen
  • Land Commissioner for Hesse
  • Land Commissioner for Wuerttemberg-Baden
  • U.S. Observer, Land Baden

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