Guide to Federal Records

Alphabetic List of Donated Materials Groups

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Name Designator
"March of Time" Collection MT
A. A. Schechter Associates Collection AASA
A. Bernard Shelley Collection SHELL
A. H. Cobb, Jr., Collection COBB
A. J. de Mooy Collection DMOOY
A. Lincoln Washburn Papers XALW
A. Ruth Baun Sayer Collection BAUN
Abdon Daoud Ackad Collection ADA
Abe Fortas Papers JFKD
Abraham Zapruder Collection ZF
A-D FDR Library RLX
Adm. Richard E. Byrd Collection BYRD
Alben W. Barkley Collection BARK
Albert P. Crary Papers XAPC
Alexander Orlov Papers ORLOV
Alfred Chaudet Collection CHAUD
Alfred M. Bailey Papers XAMB
Alice Eversman Collection EVERS
Allan N. Webster Collection PI
Allied Architects of Washington, DC, Inc., Collection AAW
Alton A. Lindsey Papers XAAL
Alvah Carter Duke Papers ACD
Alyeska Pipeline Service Company Collection APS
American Antiquarian Society Collection AAS
American Broadcasting Company Collection ABC
American Enterprise Institute Collection AEI
American Federation of Government Employees Collection AFGE
American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations Collection AC
American Film Institute Collection AFI
American Historic and Cultural Society, Inc., Collection AHCS
American Picture Service Collection AMPS
American Social Hygiene Association Collection ASHA
Amory Hooper (Bud) Waite, Jr., Papers XAHW
Andrew S. Horton Papers XASH
ANSCO Collection ANSCO
Anson M. Sperry Collection SPERY
Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency Collection ARRA
Arnold H. Clarke Papers XAHC
Artel Ricks Papers RICKS
Arthur Aufderheide Papers XAA
Arthur C. Aufderheide Papers XACA
Arthur M. Birch Collection BIRCH
Arthur M. Machemer Collection MCHMR
Arthur Remington Kellogg Papers XARK
Association Films, Inc., Collection ASNFL
Aubrey Wagner Papers GMW
August and Rose Howard Papers XARH
August Howard Papers XAH
Autograph Book of Congressman Daniel Connolly (PA) FWC
Automobile Manufacturers Association Collection AMA
Avery F. Johnson Collection AFJ
B. Carroll Reece Collection REECE
B. R. Strachan Collection STRHN
Bangor Historical Society Collection BHS
Barbara Bemis Bloch Collection BLOCH
Bayard Evans Collection EVANS
Bell and Howell Company Collection BHC
Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc., Collection] BTL
Ben Cutcliffe Collection CTCLF
Ben Ritter Collection RITTR
Bergen Community College Collection BCC
Bernt Balchen Papers XBB
Bert R. J. Hassell Collection XBRJH
Berton C. Willard Papers XBCW
Betty France Collection FRNCE
Bill Carnahan Collection CARNA
Bolon B. Turner Papers TRNR
Boston Athenaeum Library Collection BOSTN
Brig. Gen. David L. Brainard Papers DLB
Brig. Gen. Garrison H. Davidson Papers DVDSN
Brig. Gen. James Lawton Collins, Jr., Papers COLNS
Brig. Gen. John J. Christmas Papers CRSMS
Brig. Gen. Robert C. Candee Papers CANDE
Brig. Gen. William Carey Brown Collection BROWN
Brig. Gen. Williston B. Palmer Papers PALMR
British Broadcasting Corporation Collection BBC
British Library of Information Collection BLI
Bvt. Gen. Henry M. Whittelsey Papers WHTL
C.S. Tenley Collection FFC
Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network (C-SPAN) Collection CSPAN
Cadre Films Collection CADRE
Capt. Erwin Kornitzer Collection TR
Carl R. Eklund Family Papers XCRE
CBS News Collection JFKJ
Celia Handley Collection of Okinawa Photographs CHO
Center for Urban Technology, Univ. of Pa., Machine-Readable Collection CUE
Chaplain Leslie R. Groves Papers GVS
Charles E. Johnson Collection JONSN
Charles E. Peterson Papers CEP
Charles Edward Rhetts Papers RHETS
Charles F. Meadows, Jr., Collection MEADO
Charles G. Fitzgerald Papers XCGF
Charles Henshaw Ward Papers XCHW
Charles J. Hubbard Papers XCJH
Charles Kohen Collection KOHEN
Charles McKinley Papers MCK
Charles N. Young Collection MY
Charles Russell Collection GR
Charles Tousley Malcolmson Papers MALC
Charles W. Thomas Papers XCWT
Chester County Historical Society Collection CCHS
Christy Farrar Collection WW
Civic Films, Inc., Collection CIVIC
Clarence T. Gordon Collection GORDN
Clay Shaw Papers JFKF
Clifford E. Titcomb Collection TTCMB
Clyde Edwin Pettit, Jr., Collection PETT
Cmdr. Xavier Bender Tansill Collection TANSL
Col. Alan P. Sullivan Collection SULVN
Col. James Taggart Kerr Papers KERR
Col. Kevin Hunter, Sr., Collection HTR
Col. Thomas H. Monroe, Jr., Collection MONRO
Col. Wilbur E. Davis Collection DAVIS
Col. William Henry Paine Collection PAINE
Col. Willliam R. Scott Collection SCOTT
Colorado State Archives Collection COLSA
Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc., Collection C CBS
Columbia Pictures Corporation Collection COL
Congressional Judicial Committee Hearings CJCH
Connecticut State Library Collection CTLIB
Corporation for Entertainment and Learning, Inc., Collection CEL
D. W. Cheesman Papers CHE
David Goldin Collection G
David L. Quaid Collection QMM
David Lubin Collection LUBIN
David Maydale Matteson Papers MATSN
David W. Canham Papers XDWC
Dayton R. E. Brown Papers XDREB
Dennis Rawlins Papers XDR
Department of State Passport Office Collection DOSPP
Department of the Army, Adjutant General's Office, Collection HAINS
Deter J. Danielak Collection DANLK
Digby G. Seymour Collection SEYMR
Diplomatic and Consular Officers, Retired DCOR
Dominican Republic Settlement Association, Inc., Collection DRSA
Donald B. MacMillan Papers XDBM
Donald C. Archibald Collection XDCA
Donald E. Powellek Papers XDEP
Dora Keen Handy Papers XDKH
Dorothea P. Nelson Collection NELSN
Douglas Aircraft Company Collection XDAC
Duncan Stewart Papers XDS
Dwight D. Eisenhower Family Collection DDE
Dwight D. Eisenhower Funeral Collection EF
Dwight D. Eisenhower Library Collection DDEL
E. Marshall Pywell Collection PY
Earle B. Perkins Collection XEBP
Earle Clapp Papers CLAPP
Earnest C. Tracy Collection WT
Eastman Kodak Company Collection KODAK
Edith M. Richmond Collection RICH
Edmund B. Delabarre Papers XEBD
Educational Broadcasting Corporation Collection XEBC
Edward Armour Papers XEA
Edward E. Goodale Papers XEEG
Edward G. Campbell Papers CMPBL
Edward K. Armour Papers XEKA
Edward P. Stafford Collection, 1878 - 1974 XEPS
Edward W. Remington Papers XEWR
Edwin A. and Jessie Bell MacDonald Papers XMACD
Edwin M. Stanton Family Papers STNTN
Edwin P. Chalcraft Papers CHA
Elgen M. Long Papers XEML
Elizabeth A. Kendall Papers XEAK
Elmer O. Parker Collection PARKR
Elwyn L. Watson Collection WATSN
Elwyn L. Watson Papers TB
Emma W. Delong Papers XEWD
Emory S. Land Collection LA
Epaninondas J. Demas Papers XEJD
Ernst Posner Papers POSNR
Esther C. Goddard Collection GODD
Ethan Allen Hitchcock Papers HITCH
Eunice B. Haden Collection HADEN
Evelyn Draeger Irish Collection IRISH
Evelyn Stefansson Nef Family Papers XESN
Evelyn Wills Collection EWILS
Ewan Clague Papers CLGUE
F. Raldolph Swartz Collection SWRTZ
Felton M. Johnston Collection JOHNS
Finn Ronne Family Papers XFR
Finnish Relief Fund, Inc., Collection FRF
Firestone Tire and Rubber Company Collection FTRC
Florence E. Paullin Gschwind Papers XFEPG
Flt. Adm. and Mrs. August Held Collection HELD
Ford Green Collection GREEN
Ford Motor Company Collection FC
Forts, Personalities, and Units Collection FORTS
Fox Movietone News Collection FOXMN
Fox Movietone News Collection FOX
Frances Jay Collection JAY
Francis Dana Coman Papers XFDC
Frank Thomas Davies Papers XFTD
Frank W. Legg Collection FL
Franklin D. Roosevelt Warm Springs Memorial Commission Collection FDR
Fred Bell Collection FBL
Frederick Lewis Collection LEWIS
Frederick P. Lee Papers FPLEE
Frederick Stallforth Papers STALL
Frontier Films Collection FRNTR
Gen. Charles A. Willoughby Papers WLOBY
Gen. John J. Pershing Papers PRSHG
Gen. John L. Dewitt Papers DEWIT
Gen. Joseph Lawton Collins, Jr., Papers JOCOL
Gen. Joseph W. Stilwell Papers STLWL
Gen. LeRoy Lutes Papers LUTES
Gen. Lucius D. Clay Papers CLAY
Gen. Omar N. Bradley Papers ONB
Gen. Richard K. Sutherland Papers STHLD
Gen. Robert L. Eichelberger Papers EICHL
Gen. William F. Sharp Papers SHARP
Geoffrey J. Martin Collection JFRSN
George A. Carroll Collection AMS
George A. Llano Papers XGAL
George B. Abdill Collection ABDIL
George C. Sweeney Collection SWEEN
George Clyde Baldwin Papers XGCB
George E. Pickett III Collection PICKT
George E. Tyson Papers XGET
George Grimminger Papers XGG
George H. Clark Papers XGHC
George Harms Collection HARMS
George Meader Papers GM
George R. Toney Papers XGRT
George W. Orange Collection GWO
George W. Schuyler Collection SCHUY
George W. Sutton, Jr., Papers XGWS
George Woodbury Morton Papers MORTN
Gerald E. Church Papers XGEC
Gerald Nathan Taplin, Sr., Collection JFKK
Gerald Pagano Papers XGP
Gerald Pitzl Papers XGPL
Gerald R. Pitzl Papers XGRP
Gertrude P. Miller Collection MILR
Greene Line Steamers of Cincinnati, Inc., Collection GRENE
Gregory Hankin Papers HANKN
H. L. Farrington Collection FARR
Hannah Duke Henn and Theodore Leonard Henn Collection HENN
Harmon Foundation Collection H
Harold E. Saunders Papers XHES
Harold F. Round Collection ROUND
Harold W. Clover Collection HC
Harriet B. Cady Collection CADY
Harrison J. Hunt Papers XHJH
Harry Baudu Collection BAUDU
Harvard College Library Collection HCL
Hayes Memorial Library Collection HML
Hearst Metrotone News, Inc., Collection HRST
Helen Grondin Patton Collection HGP
Helen L. Chatfield Papers CHAT
Henri Michel Collection MCH
Henry Biederbick Papers XHB
Henry E. Dater Papers XHED
Henry G. Mazlen Collection MAZLN
Henry M. Dater Papers XHMD
Henry Morgenthau, Jr., Collection MORG
Henry T. Harrison Papers XHTH
Henry William Ellsworth Papers ELSW
Herbert G. Dorsey Papers XHGD
Herbert J. Hagerman Papers HAGER
Herbert Remme Collection REMME
Herman Finer Papers FINER
Herman R. Friis Papers XHRF
Hiroshima-Nagasaki Publishing Committee Collection HNPC
Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio Collection HPSO
Hobart E. Stocking Collection STOCK
Homer L. Shantz Collection SHANT
Homer Woodbridge Papers WDBRG
Howard D. Samuel Collection SAML
Howard N. Kenyon, Jr., Collection KENYN
Howard W. Smith Collection HSMTH
Howard-Endicott Report on British Home Guard HOWRD
Hugh Johnson Lee Papers XHJL
Hugh Morrow Collection MORRO
Hugo A. C. Neuberg Papers XHACN
Hugo N. Huntzinger Collection PR
Ione G. Lemmon Papers ELLIS
Ira Kaye Collection KAYE
Isaac Schlossbach Collection ISB
Isaac Schlossbach Papers XIS
J. Butler Wright Papers WRGHT
J. Edwin White Collection WHT
J. Lee Rankin Papers JFKH
J. Lee Rankin Papers RKN
J. Robert St. Clair Collection PSC
J. Sherman Rowe Collection ROWE
J. William Klie Collection SK
J. Wythe Walker Collection WALKR
Jack Lieb Collection LIEB
Jack Martin Collection MARTN
Jacob H. Hollander Papers HLNDR
Jacob I. Weinstein Papers WST
James B. Rhoads Papers RHOAD
James E. Mooney Papers XJEM
James H. Nicholson Papers JHN
James M. Lambie, Jr., Collection LAMBI
James O. Hall Collection HALL
James P. Hosty, Jr., Papers JFKA
James Pierce Collection PIERC
James T. Watkins Papers WTKNS
James W. Cummings Collection CUMM
James W. Davidson Papers XJWD
Jane Angelo Collection ANGEL
Jane Butler Collection BUTLR
Jane M. McClary Papers XJMM
Janet DesRosiers Fontaine Papers JFKC
Jefferson Morley Collection MORLY
Jefferson Patterson Papers JP
Jere H. Lipps Papers XJHL
Jerome R. Lilienthal Collection SFF
Jessie L. Carter Collection WM
Jim Garrison Papers JFKB
Joan and George D. Beitzel Collection BEITZ
Joan M. Lemley Collection JML
John A. Miller Papers JAM
John A. Pope Papers XJAP
John and Kate Evans Collection PE
John Angel James Creswell Papers JAJC
John B. Brady Papers BRADY
John C. Reed Papers XJCR
John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Collection RKFLR
John E. Moriarty Papers XJEMY
John E. Perry, Jr., Papers XJEP
John F. Putnam Collection PUTNM
John F. Rider Collection PRTCH
John G. Bradley Papers BRDLY
John G. Nummy Collection NUMMY
John H. Delatoni Collection (1 item - Rockefeller newsreel) DEL
John Hanessian Papers XJH
John J. Hainsworth Collection HWT
John J. Schneider Collection SCHND
John J. Young Collection (Papers?) YOUNG
John K. Hagopian Collection (PHO, in NAIL] HAGOP
John K. Hillers Collection JKH
John Kirtland Wright Collection JKW
John M. Blair Papers BLAIR
John M. Blow Collection BLOW
John M. Langone Collection XJML
John N. Dyer Papers XJND
John P. March Collection MARCH
John R. Murdock Collection MURDK
John S. D. Eisenhower Collection JSDE
John S. Hastings Papers HAST
John Tuck, Jr., Papers XJTJR
John V. Hansen Collection JH
John Wall Wilson Papers XJWW
Johnston Avery Papers AVERY
Joseph Little Bristow Collection BRIST
Joseph Milteer Collection MLT
Joseph Patronick Papers XJP
Julian S. Warmbath Papers XJSW
Ken Gerrish Collection GERR
Kenneth J. Bertrand Papers XKJB
Kenneth W. Munden Papers MUNDN
L. F. Adams Collection ADAMS
L. J. Simonich Collection SIMON
L. Kenneth Peterson Papers (in NRISA custody) PTRSN
Ladies of the Press Collection LP
Laurence Halstead, Jr., Collection HLSTD
Laurence M. Gould Papers XLMG
Lawrence C. Woods, Jr., Papers XLCW
Lawrence F. Deutzman Collection DEUTZ
Lee Campbell Fox Collection LCF
Lee Dick, Inc., Collection DICK
Lee W. Court Papers XLWC
Leland L. Barter Papers TEX] XLLB
Leonard R. Schneider Papers XLRS
Leonard Seltzer Wilson Papers XLSW
Library of Congress Collection LC
Lincoln Ellsworth Papers XLE
Lloyd Ostendorf Collection OSTEN
Lloyd S. Howard Collection LSH
Loew's, Inc., Collection LOEW
Longines Wittnauer Watch Co., Inc. Collection LW
Louis E. Shecter Collection LSHEC
Louis Hill Nicholson Collection NICH
Louise A. Boyd Papers XLAB
Louise Bryd Collection BRYD
Louise I. Nowack Collection NWACK
Lt. Col. George Scott Stewart, Jr., Papers STWRT
Lt. Col. Stephen J. Spingarn Papers SPNGN
Lt. Gen. Geoffrey Keyes Papers KEYES
Lt. Gen. Leslie R. Groves Papers GRO
Lt. Leo G. Bellarts, Sr., Papers BLRTS
Lucien Jonas Collection LJ
Lucy Flanagan Collection FLAN
Mabel L. West Collection WEST
Mae Jean Chandler Collection CHAND
Magdalene F. Wanzer Collection WANZR
Maj. Gen. Carter B. Magruder Papers MGRDR
Maj. Gen. Harold B. Fiske Papers FISKE
Maj. Gen. James E. Harbord Papers HRBRD
Maj. John J. Gussak Collection GSK
Margaret Lavender Betzel Collection MLB
Marion E. Grevemberg Collection GRVBG
Marion Napier Collection NAPIE
Mark Foreman Films Collection MFF
Mark Shecter Collection MSHEC
Martin Marietta Corporation Collection XMMC
Marvin Breckinridge Collection BRECK
Mary Alice Riley Heffner Collection HEFNR
Mary Pickford Collection PICK
Mary Rose Yarnall Collection YARNL
Matthew J. Brennan Papers XMJB
Max Adams McCall Collection MCALL
MCA/Universal Pictures Collection UN
Meredith F. Burrill Papers XMFB
Metro-Goldwyn Mayer Pictures Collection MGM
Meyer H. Fishbein Papers MHF
Meyer Silverman Collection SILVR
Michael Esslinger Collection AZESS
Michael P. Balzano Collection BLZ
Michigan Historical Commission Collection MHS
Michigan State Archives Collection MSA
Michigan State Board of Escheats Collection MICH
Minnesota Historical Society Collection MH
Monday Film Production Company Collection MFPC
Monroe P. Killy Collection MPK
Morris L. Ernst and Alan U. Schwartz Papers GAL
Morris Rieger Papers RIEGR
Mortimer D. Turner Papers XMDT
Morton J. Rubin Papers XMJR
Motion Picture Association of America, Inc., Collection MPAA
Moviola Company Collection MOVIO
Mr. & Mrs. Jo Bruce Crozier Collection CROZR
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Stidham Collection STDHM
Mrs. Alexander MacMillan Collection MMILL
Mrs. Edward T. Clark Collection CLARK
Mrs. Frame Muth and Mrs. George Scurria Collection MUTH
Mrs. Frederick W. Connolly Collection CONLY
Mrs. Harold E. Lee Collection LEE
Mrs. Howard E. Cox Collection HECOX
Mrs. James B. Jones Collection JONES
Mrs. John H. Knowles Collection KNOWL
Mrs. John Jackson Collection JACKS
Mrs. Jule Perlberg Collection PERL
Mrs. Lucien Howe Collection HOWE
Mrs. M. Hobbs Collection HOBBS
Mrs. Paul P. Gushin Collection GUSHN
Mrs. Ralph T. Kirchner Collection KIRCH
Mrs. Remsen Brinckerhoff Collection BRINC
Mrs. Sydney Wellborn Collection WELLB
Mrs. Sylvester Wright Collection WRIGH
Mrs. Theodore W. Curtis Collection CURT
Mrs. Thomas Spencer Collection TSPEN
Mrs. W. C. Turner Collection TURNR
Mrs. Will Croft Barnes Collection BARNS
Murray A. Wiener Papers XMAW
Museum for German History Collection FB
Museum of Broadcasting Collection of the "MacNeil/Lehrer Report" and "MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour" ML
Museum of New Mexico Collection MNM
Myron Gittinger Papers MG
Nancy McKinley Collection MCKIN
National 4-H Club Foundation Collection N4HCF
National Archives of India Collection NAI
National Archives Oral History Collection NARA
National Board of Fire Underwriters Collection NBFU
National Broadcasting Co., Inc., Collection NBC
National Broadcasting Company Collection of Photographs by Maurice Constant MC
National Center for Jewish Film Collection NCJF
National Film Board of Canada Collection XNFBC
National Geographic Society Collection NGS
National Tuberculosis Association Collection NTA
Naturalization Records of Non-Federal Courts in Connecticut CTN
Nebraska State Historical Society Collection NEBR
Neil M. Judd Collection NJ
Nesta Kay Clark Collection NCLRK
New York University Collection NYU
Nina McCully McDonald Collection MCDON
Noel P. Fox Papers NPFOX
Nora Fanley Collection FANLY
Norman J. Greene Collection GRNE
Northern Pump Company Collection PUMP
Ohio Adjutant General's Department Collection OHAGO
Oliver W. Holmes Papers HOLMS
Organization of American States Collection IAC
Palle Mogensen Papers XPM
Pan American Institute of Geography and History Collection PAIGH
Paramount Pictures, Inc., Collection PARA
Pare Lorentz Collection PL
Parks and Scenery Collection PARKS
Pathe News Collection PATHE
Patrick Lavelle Collection LAVEL
Patrick T. Stone Papers STONE
Paul A. Siple Family Papers XSIPL
Paul C. Dalrymple Papers XPCD
Paul C. Oscanyan Papers XPCO
Paul R. Sullivan Papers XPRS
Paul Scheips Papers CANAL
Pauline Goldmark Collection GOLD
Peale Museum Collection PEALE
Pen used by Pres. Franklin Roosevelt to sign Natl. Archives Act, 1934 FDRPN
Pennsylvania State University Collection PSU
Philip M. Smith Papers XPMS
Philip Pomeroy Collection PMROY
Philippe d'Orleans Collection ORLNS
Philippe Mora Collection MORA
Polar Collection Unidentified Donor XPOLA
Quin A. Blackburn Papers XQAB
R. C. Raack, Patrick Griffin, and William Malloch Collection RAACK
R. T. Fries Collection FRIES
Ralph Plaisted Papers XRP
Ralph R. Irwin Collection IRWIN
Ralph S. Plaisted Papers XRSP
Records of Lindblad Travel, Inc. XLT
Records of National Public Radio NPR
Records of the American Committee on the French Revolution REV
Records of the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor ADBC
Records of the American Geographical Society XAGS
Records of the American Geophysical Union XAGU
Records of the American Heritage Foundation AHF
Records of the American National Red Cross ANRC
Records of the American Society of Polar Philatelists XASPP
Records of the Antarctican Society XAS
Records of the California Institute of Technology VISTA
Records of the Captain Charles Pond Society of the Natl. Soc. of the Children of the Am. Rev. POND
Records of the Center for Demography and Ecology, University of Wisconsin--Madison CDE
Records of the Center for Immigration Research CIR
Records of the Community and Family Study Center, University of Chicago CFS
Records of the Geographical Society of Philadelphia XGSP
Records of the Humble Oil and Refining Company XHORC
Records of the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research ICPSR
Records of the Joint Committee on Mental Health of Children MHC
Records of the Legal Services Corporation LSC
Records of the Makah Tribal Council MAKAH
Records of the Makah Tribal Council MAK
Records of the Maryland Department of Transportation MDT
Records of the National Academy of Sciences NAS
Records of the National Archives Assembly NAA
Records of the National Committee on the Bicentennial of the Treaty of Paris BTP
Records of the National Conference on Citizenship CIT
Records of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. NC
Records of the National Law Enforcement Officers' Memorial Fund LEM
Records of the National Mary Washington Memorial Association NMWMA
Records of the National Mary Washington Memorial Association MWMA
Records of the National Public Affairs Center for Television NPACT
Records of the National Trust for Historic Preservation NHTP
Records of the National Trust for Historic Preservation NTHP
Records of the Social Science Research Council SSRC
Records of the State Justice Institute SJI
Records of the Superior Court of the County of Los Angeles, CA LOS
Records of the Superior Court of the County of San Diego, CA SAN
Records of the Training Within Industry Foundation TWIF
Records of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands TTP
Reed P. Johnson Collection RJOHN
Renah F. Camalier Collection CAMAL
Richard B. Black Collection XRBB
Richard Coffelt, Richard Arnold, and David Argabright Collection COFF
Richard Douglas Collection DOUGL
Richard H. Poff Collection POFF
Richard J. and Anne W. Wiechmann Collection IND
Richard Lavato Collection LAVAT
Richard Norton Papers NORTN
Richard R. Conger Papers XRRC
Richard W. Konter Papers XRWK
Richard W. Manning Papers XRWM
Riverside County, CA, Department of Veterans' Services Collection RVRSD
Robert C. Butow Collection BUTOW
Robert C. Watt Papers XRCW
Robert E. Peary Family Papers XP
Robert H. Blumling Collection BLUML
Robert J. Walker Papers RWALK
Robert L. Lillestrand Papers XRLL
Robert L. Manson Collection MAN
Robert Lee Fulton Sikes Collection SIKES
Robert Livingston Collection LVSTN
Robert McClory Collection UWW
Robert Mills Papers MILLS
Robert N. Davis Papers XRND
Robert Northshield Collection NSHLD
Robert R. Brookhart Papers BRK
Robert S. McNamara Papers MNR
Robert S. Zigman Collection ZIGMN
Robert W. Wagner materials relating to use of motion pictures in WWII RWW
Robert W. Wood Papers XRWW
Rockwell Kent Collection XRK
Roger Hull White Collection WHIT
Roger Smith Collection RSMTH
Ron Praite Collection PRAIT
Ronald E. Heaton Collection HEATN
Rosemary Ames Collection AMES
Roy F. Jones Papers XRFJ
Roy Knabenshue Collection KNAB
Ruby P. Lund Papers XRPL
Rudolph A. Honkala Papers XRAH
Russell W. Porter Papers XRWP
Russian Ministry of Defense Archives Collection RMDA
Ruth J. Yazel Collection YAZEL
S. J. Beauchamp, Jr., Collection BEAU
S. McClellan Butt Papers BUTT
Salina, KS, Public Library Collection SLINA
Samuel A. Goudsmit Papers GOUDS
Samuel Cicchino Collection CICCH
San Bernardino County, CA, Department of Veterans Affairs Collection SNBDO
Sandra Riley Collection RILEY
Santa Clara County, CA, Veterans Services Office Collection CLARA
Sara Branham Matthews and Annie Laurie Branham Pike Collection MATTH
Seymour Hofstetter Collection SH
Shepherd M. Jenks Papers XSMJ
Sherrod East Papers EAST
Sidney Homer Collection HOMER
Silas Nott Malterner Papers XSNM
Sir Henry Wellcome Collection NRIA-WME
Sir Henry Wellcome Papers WME
Sixth Floor Museum Collection JFKE
Smithsonian Institution Collection SINST
South Carolina Historical Society Collection SCHS
Stanley J. and Nellie L. Sieczkowski Collection OPA
Stephen Tyler Collection JFKL
Stephenson Corey Papers XSC
Stern Gift Donation STERN
Strenck Collection STRNK
Sue L. Thompson Collection AMITY
Sven Edward Roos Papers XSER
Svend Fredriksen Family Papers XSF
Swift and Company Collection SWIFT
T. K. Peters Collection PETER
Thames Television Collection TT
The New York Times Collection XTNYT
Theatre-on-Film, Inc., Collection TOF
Theodore Nicholas Gill Collection GILL
Thomas Alva Edison Foundation Collection TAEF
Thomas Armat Collection ARMAT
Thomas C. Poulter Papers XTCP
Thomas H. Hubbard Papers XTHH
Thomas Hubbard Papers XTH
Thomas Spencer Collection SPNCR
Time-Life, Inc., Collection TMLIF
Trowel used by Pres. Hoover in laying NAB cornerstone, 1933 TROWL
Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation Collection TCF
U.S. Army Strategic Communications Command Collection STRAT
Ulysses S. Grant III Collection KWG
Unidentified Collection UNIDK
Unidentified Collection UNIDD
Unidentified Collection UNIDM
Unidentified Collection UNIDI
Unidentified Collection UNIDU
Unidentified Collection UNIDB
Unidentified Collection UNIDV
Unidentified Collection UNIDT
Unidentified Collection UNIDC
Unidentified Collection UNIDH
Unidentified Collection UNIDR
Unidentified Collection UNIDA
Unidentified Collection UNIDE
Unidentified Collection UNIDS
Unidentified Collection UNIDF
Unidentified Collection UNIDG
Unidentified Collection UNIDN
Unidentified Collection UNIDP
Unidentified Collection UNIDO
Unidentified Collection UNIDJ
Unidentified Collection UNIDL
Unidentified Collection UNIDQ
Union League of Philadelphia Collection PHILA
United Aircraft Corporation Collection UAC
United Artists Corporation Collection UA
United Food and Commercial Workers Collection UFCW
United Nations Collection LN
Univ. of Washington MR
University of Colorado Medical School Collection COLO
University of Maryland/Donald H. Kirkley, Jr. Collection of Selected Radio Broadcasts WTOP
University of South Alabama Collection S
Victor Gondos, Jr., Papers VGT
Victor H. Czegka Papers XVHC
Vilhjalmur Stefansson and Evelyn Stefansson Nef Papers XVS
Vince Palamara Papers JFKI
Virginia Independence Bicentennial Commission Collection VIBC
Virginia Webb McCotter Collection MCCOT
Voorhis D. Demarest Collection DEMAR
W. D. Smithers Collection SMTHR
Wade Lemmons Collection WL
WAII-TV Collection WAII
Walter H. Bucher Papers XWHB
Walter R. Seelig Papers XWRS
Walter Thompson Collection THOMP
Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc., Collection WARN
Washington Video Prod. WVP
Weiss Films, Inc., Collection WF
Werner C. Strecker Collection STRKR
Western Electric Company Collection WEC
Western New England College Collection JFKG
WGBH Educational Foundation Collection WGBH
White House Conference on Families Collection WHCF
Willard Garrett Collection GARET
William B. Paul Collection PAUL
William B. White, Jr., Collection WHITE
William C. Haines Papers XWCH
William C. Lang Collection ARA
William Carey Crane Collection WCC
William F. Rope Collection ROPE
William H. Easton Collection EAS
William Haddon Collection WH
William Henry Harrison Collection HRISN
William J. Cromie Collection XWJC
William S. Carlson Papers XWSC
William S. Clark Papers WSC
William Vandel Collection CIC
Winfield W. Riefler Papers RFLR
Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania Collection WP
Woodrow W. Talbot Collection GT
WPIX, Inc., Collection WPIX
Yale University School of Medicine Collection YALE