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Classification 32: Identification (Fingerprint Matters)

This classification was established in 1924. Although the 00 files did not start until the outset of World War II, the case files contained administrative information concerning fingerprint matters. Many of the case files in Headquarters contain all the correspondence with a particular locality: state, city or county. Among the early serials are memos and directives explaining how a locality can establish a fingerprint program, encouraging the establishment of such a program, and comments concerning ongoing programs. After 1940 and the establishment of the 00 file (11 sections), the files appear to contain miscellaneous correspondence.

NARA holdings for Classification 32: Identification (Fingerprint Matters)

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Record GroupFinding Aid EntrySeries Title
65A1 107Classification 32 (Identification (Fingerprint Matters)) Headquarters Case Files, 1923-1941
65UD 10D 37Classification 32 (Identification (Fingerprint Matters)) Headquarters Case Files
65A1 108Classification 32 (Identification (Fingerprint Matters)) Index to Headquarters Case Files, 1923-1941

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