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Classification 35: Civil Service

This very small classification, spanning 1921 to 1943, covers investigations of the character and suitability of applicants for civil service positions and complaints of violations of the civil service laws. The majority of investigations were conducted at the request of the Civil Service Commission and date from the early 1920s. A major concern of the period appears to have been the presence of possible pro-German sentiment or activity during World War I among applicants for civil service positions. Information gathered by the Bureau was transmitted to the Civil Service commission for action.

The following records under Classification 35: Civil Service are not yet described in NARA's online catalog. Please contact NARA's Special Access Program at with your reference request.

Record GroupFinding Aid EntrySeries Title
65UD UP 5 AClassification 34 and Classification 35 - Indexes to Headquarters Case Files
65UD UP 5Classification 34, Classification 35, and Classification 36 Microfilm and Index Cards
65UD UP 11Classification 35 - Field Office Case Files and Index, 1921-1943

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