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Classification 54: Smuggling

This classification was established on July 28, 1924, for cases involving smuggling, and that did not come under the investigative jurisdiction of the Bureau of Customs. Based on the cases reviewed, during the 1920s, the cases related to the smuggling of alcohol, drugs, and Chinese nationals; during the 1930s they related to smuggling arms to Spain, Latin American, and Asia and other violations of the Neutrality Act of 1938; and during the 1940s they related to the smuggling of a variety of items, including jewelry, wool watches, radio tubs, and precious metals and gems. Most arms smuggling cases after 1938 were placed in Classification 2: Neutrality Matters. Since 1949 the Bureau of Customs has investigated most federal smuggling violations. Thus 90% of the Bureau cases in this classification pre-date 1950.

NARA holdings for Classification 54: Smuggling

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Record GroupFinding Aid EntrySeries Title
65UD 07D 7Classification 54 - Customs Laws and Smuggling, Headquarters
65UD UP 28Classification 54 - Headquarters and Field Office Case Files and Indexes
65UD UP 15Classification 54 - Headquarters Case Files and Index

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