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Classification 63: Miscellaneous Non-Subversive

This classification was formally opened in 1924 but contains records dated as early as 1921. However, the extant records in this classification begin in 1953. From 1921 to 1953 the classification was used for "Supervision of Accountants." In 1953, some accounting records were shifted to other classifications and the rest were destroyed. Classification 63 was made the repository for non-subversive matters formerly filed in Classification 62 and was named "Miscellaneous-Non Subversive." In the field, these matters remained in Classification 62. Consequently, Classification 63 is only used at Headquarters. Since 1953 there have been several additions and deletions to this classification. Cases of the Lands Division of the Department of Justice were added in 1958. Cases under the Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act were shifted to Classification 17 in 1955 and cases under the Federal Revenue Sharing Act were moved to Classification 204 in 1978. Classification 63 remains a changing category as new matters occasionally are added. As its name implies, Classification 63 is a heterogeneous mixture of non-security matters.

NARA online catalog descriptions of holdings for 63: Miscellaneous Non-Subversive

Record GroupNARA IdentifierSeries Title
65568185Classification 63 (Miscellaneous - Non-Subversive) Released Under The Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Disclosure Acts

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