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Records Move of U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Records (RG 241)

Effective July 7, 2023, the following series from Record Group 241 (RG 241), Records of the Patent and Trademark Office will be temporarily closed to prepare for relocation to the National Archives at Kansas City. Similar records are already located in the Kansas City area. The relocation will facilitate more efficient archival research and public access to these records.

Records to be relocated are:

Series Title National Archives Identifier Cubic Footage

Correspondence Files



Official Gazettes



Index to Applications for Patents



Registers of Interferences



Records Relating to Trademark Concurrent Use Case Files



Register of Interferences



Register of Patent Application Received



Serial Register of Applications Received



Serial Register Of Design Applications Received



Examiner's Serial Register of Design Applications Received 593470 5.694
Index to Design Patent Applications 593153 8.732
Corporation Index of Patent Assignments 593348 17.808
Index to Corporate Trademark Applications 593467 0.944
Foreign Firm Index of Patent Assignments 593353 0.672
Registers of Letters Received 595561 33.726
Sample of Incomplete Petitions 593731 0.538
Copies of Applications for "Name And Date" Patents 593728 0.816
General Correspondence 593722 0.538
Office of the Commissioner: Letters received 593724 1.224
Letters Sent Relating to the World's Columbian Exposition 12008968 3.024
Sample of Abandoned Patent Applications 593733 2.772
Publications Relating to Patent Law 12008974 0.204
Crank Correspondence and Newspaper Clippings 7687189 0.252
Annual Reports and Other Records 12006060 11.44
Publication Records Cards 26335536 0.236
Records of Transfer of Patents [Liber Volumes; Irregular Transfers of Patents] 593148 0.286
Alphabetical Index to Invention Patent Appeals 12008973 0.219
Orders, Notices, and Other Records 7851388 7.48
Director's Correspondence Relating to Significant Patents Of The Past Hundred Years 7854484 0.504
Index Relating to Office Files 26335621 1.534
Legislative Files 7851354 31.8
Subject Files of Assistant Commissioner Maurice Crews 12058555 16.155
Subject Files of Assistant Commissioner Horace Fay 12058556 3.231
Patent Office Advisory Committee Files 7851371 19.584
Published Decisions of the Commissioner 12058533 5.385
Records Relating to the Harbridge House Study on Government Patent Policy 12058553 3.231
General Records Relating to the Office of Budget, Planning and Evaluation Files 7851355 7.024
Records Relating to President's Commission on the Patent System 12058554 9.693
Patent Survey Committee Files 7851362 4.536
National Patent Planning Commission Files 7851367 6.936
Controlled Correspondence 155390882 63.543

Estimated Closure Date at the National Archives at College Park: July 7, 2023
Estimated Date Available to Researchers at the National Archives at Kansas City: September 15, 2023

Please keep in mind that the dates listed above are an estimate. If there is a significant change to this schedule we will post it in the consultation areas at the National Archives at College Park and the National Archives at Kansas City.

You can check the status of the records by contacting the National Archives at Kansas City in one of the following ways:



Send a letter to:
National Archives at Kansas City 
400 West Pershing Road
Kansas City, MO 64108

Please contact the National Archives at Kansas City at least two business days in advance.