Recover Lost and Stolen Documents

Recovered Items


  • 2nd Lieutenant Ambrose Powell (A. P.) Hill letter
  • Two George Pickett Letter
  • Jefferson Davis Letter
  • George Pickett Letter
  • Ten WW II Navy Submarine Plans
  • Lewis Armistead Letter
  • Six Army Air Corps 201 Documents Signed By Ronald Reagan
  • Three Pages From The USS Hornet Deck Log
  • George Pickett Letters


  • Wright Brothers Flying Machine Patent
  • Two Leavenworth Federal Prison Mug Shots
  • Two Customs Volumes For Port Of Newport, RI
  • 51 Deputy Marshal Oaths Of Office


  • President Lincoln Endorsed envelope
  • President Ulysses S. Grant Pardon of Samuel Sproul
  • FDR Annotated Note To Winston Churchill
  • 11 Presidential Pardons