National Archives at Seattle

Records of the Bureau of Prohibition


The Bureau of Prohibition was responsible for tracking bootleggers and organized crime leaders. They focused primarily on interstate and international cases and those cases where local law enforcement official would not or could not act. The Seattle office of the Bureau of Prohibition apparently operated in Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Washington and Wyoming. Predecessor Agency: Prohibition Unit, Department of the Treasury Successor Agency: Alcohol Tax Unit, Department of the Treasury

Date Compiled: 2/23/94

14 linear feet
Arranged by case file number

These case file contain raw investigatory data as well as news clippings relating to the investigation; correspondence between law enforcement officials and correspondence with informants; and draft and final reports. Some files have transcripts of telephone taps. The files contain information on local prohibition activities as well as interstate activities (OR/WA and WA/CA) and international smuggling activities (US/Canada). Many of the files relate to local law enforcement and elected
official involved in bootlegging. Some materials may be restricted due to Grand Jury information

TYPE OF MATERIALS: correspondence, news clippings, transcripts, reports, photos

SUBJECT REFERENCE: prohibition, law enforcement

GEOGRAPHIC NAME REFERENCE: WA, OR, ID, MT, WY, CA, British Columbia, Columbia River


Box 1:
Docket #101 Great Falls, Montana (Western Sales Co.,
Docket #106 Absarokee, Montana (complaint of Rev. W.L. Spencer)
Docket #108 Plentywood, Montana
Docket #158 Miles City, Montana (closed)
Docket #158 1/2 Billings, Montana (closed)
3.01-237 Seattle Conspiracy
3.01-246 Russell Wood, Harold Anderson, (A.W. Wash. case) [Tacoma, WA]
7-A Parsons, Frank [Vancouver, B.C]
45-A Conspiracy to transport alcohol between California & Oregon
65-B Gus Hodel, [Great Falls, MT] [photo in paper of officers by still]
119-B Hemrich Brewing Co. Seattle, WA 3.02-186
119-B Hemrich Brewing Co.

Box 1-2:
119-B Hemrich Brewing Co. Seattle, WA 3.02-288

Box 2:
134-B Hemrich Brewing Co. Correspondence #1
28-S L.E. Smith [Seattle, WA]
29-S M.H. Pelton 3.02-1 [Portland, OR]
32-S Smuggling of liquor on the Columbia River and Oregon Seacoast 3.02-2
48-S Sterling Traders [Olmstead connection] [Portland/Vancouver, BC]
70-S Alfred Hubbard [Olmstead connection, Seattle, WA]
74-S Talbert, J.M. [Calif]

Box 3:
97-S Olympic Aero Corp. [Tacoma, WA] (connected to Sterling Traders)
99-S Shintaro Takeyama, [Seattle/Tacoma/Vancouver, BC]
112-S Sal Lal II [Bob Millerton, Whidbey Is., WA]
132-S Benjamin Newman [Vancouver, BC/Seattle/Vashon Is.]
134-S J. Arthur Boyd, [Seattle, WA]
146-S Jack Seagraves, [Everett, WA]
171-S Richard Bradshaw, Jack William, Ralph Green [Seattle, WA]
187-S Neal, R.E. [Spokane, WA]

Box 4:
208-S (consolidated with 1059-M) consolidated case Schulman, [Spokane, WA]
208-S Ernest Clemens Ferry County, WA

Box 5:
229-S Ellis Ranch, Elk River, OR
241-S Fredericks - Tjersland [Kirkland, WA]
263-S Telephone supervision [WA?]

Box 6:
263-S Telephone supervision [WA?]
263-S Peterson, "Shorty" [Seattle/San Francisco]

Box 7:
266-S Jacob Woitte [Seattle, WA]
280-S Charles Ryall [Oregon]
8-M Ben F. Davis [personnel info-Oregon]
51-M Jackson, Russel [personnel info-Seattle]
57-M Clay Roselle, File #1 [Idaho]
57-M File #2 [Roselle, Idaho]
73-M Investigation of Federal Grand Jury, Portland, OR
79-M Abe Wallace [Boise/Alaska/Salt Lake City]
81-M John O'Neil [Portland, OR]
131-M Roy Moore, [Portland, OR, photos of hiding places for stills]
157-M Elbert Frederickson [Portland, OR]

Box 8-9:
204-M Nam Young Co.[Seattle, WA]

Box 9:
311-M Klamath Falls Indian Reservation
317-M Harry Hildebrand [Tacoma, WA]

Box 10:
336-M W.M. McHardy [Klamath Indian Reservation]
357-M Fresno Warehouse Robbery [Fresno, CA]
360-M A.V. Rodman, A.E. Burghduff, [Portland, OR]
364-M Harry Newkirk, A.V. Rodman, [Portland, OR]
434-M Lester Case, File #2 [Portland, OR- includes negatives of still site and drawing of still]

Box 11:
434-M Lester Case, File #2
466-M Theo Seivers, [Idaho]
498-M Evans, Everett, WA (Kansas City case)
524-M Salt Creek, Wyoming
525-M Chris Garvy, R.G. Harris Denver, CO
526-M (Denver) [Irving, William C.]
583-M Stevensonville, MT Docket #19, Hamilton and Ravalli County, MT
583-M Hamilton, Montana (Denver, CO)
596-M Charles Bloom, Albert Chapman,, Shoshone County, ID

Box 12:
596-M Shoshone County, ID File #2
596-M Shoshone County, ID File #3
642-M Clyde Burgess, Helena, MT (Denver case)
642-M Helena, Montana Docket #23

Box 13:
653-M Jack Stand [Everett, WA]
657-M C.H. Westberg [Seattle, WA]
670-M Harry Hoben, [Seward, AK]
677-M John Macchia [Seattle, WA]
703-M J.C. Cardwell [Seattle, WA]
706-M Ed Neal -- Paul Lowden, [Spokane, WA]
708-M Millionis, John; Mendis, Christ [Spokane, WA]

Box 14:
755-M Helena, Montana Docket #43
775-M Silas Barkley, Chiloquin, OR (Klamath Reservation)
783-M Frank Bail Moscow, ID
783-M Clearwater, ID
784-M Wilson, Clark E. [Arctic Club, Seattle, WA]
785-M Carven, James E. [Seattle, WA]

Box 14-15:
796-M Lewiston, Montana correspondence file & one copy U.S. Atty rept

Box 15:
796-M Lewiston, Montana work file
803-M Davis, Pidgeon Bly, OR (Klamath Reservation violations)

Box 15-16:
807-M W.H. Herrick; R.E. Weniger; Charles Bloom,
Wallace, ID

Box 16:
807-M W.H. Herrick Wallace, ID (newspaper clippings)
846-M G.W. Frasier, Burns, OR
850-M Docket #59 Butte, MT (Supreme Court case)
855-M Frank Pate, File #1 Wenatchee, WA

Box 16-17:
855-M Frank Pate, File #2 Wenatchee, WA

Box 17:
857-M Albert Pichette, Omak, WA (Colville Reservation violations)
916-M Work File Great Falls, MT [Ray Gaunt,]

Box 17-18:
916-M Work File Great Falls, MT

Box 18:
916-M Docket #68 Great Falls, MT Correspondence file & one copy of report to U.S. Atty

Box 19:
941-M Myers, Esther [Elgin, OR]
942-M Joe Brown, File #1 case report [Portland, OR]
942-M Joe Brown, File #2
948-M Trauer, Henry Bonner County, ID
948-M Henry Trauer, Sheriff of Bonner County, ID

Box 20:
955-M Hoquiam, WA
959-M Marshfield, OR
1055-M Tacoma alcohol seizure (official files)

Box 21:
1055-M case reports [Tacoma]
1059-M W.G. (Grant) Critzer, [Spokane, WA]

Box 22:
1059-M [Evidence]
1059-M Office files
1195-M RE: Bruckhauser, Kalispell, MT
Correspondence file, weekly report file, jacket
[affidavits and statements, labels]

Box 23:
1195-M Kalispell, MT work file
1195-M Kalispell, MT affidavit file
1196-M Idaho Falls, ID Docket #84 Correspondence file & report to U.S. Atty

Box 24:
1196-M Idaho Falls, ID Docket #84 work file
1240-M Rock Island, WA
1267-M Stubblefield, Fancho Umatilla County, OR
1308-M Carr, Howard E. [Tacoma, WA]
1347-M Peariman, Barney [Portland, OR]
1351-M Austin McFee, Kellogg, ID
1355-M Grays Harbor County
1356-M Aberdeen, WA

Box 25:
1357-M Cosmopolis, WA
1394-M Alcohol shipments, San Francisco to Seattle
1436-M Paetz, Frank [Portland, OR]
1443-M Einar Oas [Kitsap Co., WA]
1500-M Robert Green [Seattle, WA]

Box 26:
1503-M Landers Royal [Seattle, WA]
1510-M Brown, James [Seattle, WA]
1523-M A.V. Rodman, Portland, OR
1569-M A.L. Levoff, Portland, OR
1616-M Mitchell, Henry [Arlington, WA]
1682-M Yakima, WA [Luppino,]
1714-M Remaley, Paul [Washington Co., OR]

Box 26-27:
1782-M Kittitas County Bansano,

Box 27:
1808-M Jacox still [Five Mile Lake, WA]
1832-M Joe Columbo Yakima, WA
1838-M Reed Harris, Ellensberg, WA
1855-M Fred Hamilton Portland, OR
1859-M Jack Loomis [Seattle, WA]
1888-M Jack Hawthorne [Kittitas Co., WA]
1922-M C.T. Dicus [Seattle, WA]
1944-M Cary Scott Sexton, White Horse Tavern [Edmonds, WA]
1945-M John Krnpotitch [Seattle, WA]
1953-M Jesse E. Cousins [murder of agent, Vancouver, BC]
2023-M Homer W. Bain [Seattle, WA]

Box 28:
2024-M Kyle, Victor [Seattle, WA]
2030-M Dunn, Jackson Arthur [Portland, OR]
2041-M Wood, Leo [King Co., WA]
2058-M Arnold Wall, Peggy Sanderson, Carl O. Tuggle [Seattle, WA]
2061-M Yoshida, I [Fife, WA]
2080-M Gus Anderson, Seattle, WA
2082-M Murphy, Roy Howard [Seattle, WA]
2110-M Lowell Taylor Portland, OR

Box 29:
2112-M Johnson, Thomas [Portland, OR]
2121-M Lawrence Wells Tacoma, WA
2150-M Thomas Harvey, Jack Harvey [Seattle, WA]
2158-M Fred McGuire Portland, OR
2159-M Bert Harris Portland, OR
2210-M George H. Tucker [Seattle, WA]
2219-M R.L. Tuggle Juanita Beach, WA
2237-M James Wall Assault (WW 1592) [Clallam - Jefferson Co.]

Box 30
2249-M Gus Johnson 23rd Ave NE [Seattle, WA]
2255-M Don Johnson, et al. Docket #186 Livingston, MT
2255-M Livingston, MT Documentary evidence file (Exhibits 1-210)
2316-M Barney Pearlman, Portland, OR
2329-M Special Non-jacketed case-Livingston, MT Re: Andrew
Botterrud - larceny of gov't evidence Docket #190
2341-M Roy S. Cattron, Seattle, WA

Box 31:
2359-M John Arthur Boyd Portland, OR 3.01-44
2440-M Frank Gatt, Seattle, WA
2490-M Henry Myers, Donald Case, [Portland, OR]
2515-M Ambert Andrews Portland OR
2516-M Edward Wiley, William Frink, [Portland, OR]
2526-M George Weley Lievsay, Portland OR
2537-M Albert Kuchinko, Seattle, WA
2552-M Roy Moore, Jack Rice, Seattle, WA
2553-M Leon L. Woods, Seattle, WA
2561-M John Lody, Yakima, WA
2581-M Pet A. Speonos, et. al Seattle, WA
2584-M Art E. Dedmore, Seattle, Wa
2589-M Roy Rapley, Olympia, WA

Box 32:
2600-M Ernest Specht, Portland, OR
2601-M Frank Magrini, Tacoma, WA
2612-M Mrs. Clara Nichols, Spokane, WA
2625-M Vito Cuttoni, Tacoma, WA
2637-M Victor Kyle, Ernest C. Kyle Portland, OR
2679-M Joe Brown, Portland, OR
2691-M Klingman, Judson; Dave Shore [Seattle, WA]
2754-M Alan Cameron, Portland, OR
2756-M Ellis Donovan, John Moore, [Portland, OR]
2870-M George Manos, Spokane, WA
2872-M Tom Abrams, Arthur La Marr, [Portland, OR]
2884-M Samuel Gustav, T. J. Clark,, Seattle, WA (WW 1762)
2897-M Lief Moe, Seattle, WA