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Inspector General Act of 1978

(5 U.S.C. App. 3)

§ 8G. Requirements for Federal entities and designated Federal entities

(a) * * *

(1) the term “Federal entity” means any Government corporation (within the meaning of section 103(1) of title 5, United States Code), any Government controlled corporation (within the meaning of section 103(2) of such title), or any other entity in the Executive branch of the Government, or any independent regulatory agency, but does not include--

(A) an establishment (as defined under section 11(2) of this Act) or part of an establishment;

(B) a designated Federal entity (as defined under paragraph (2) of this subsection) or part of a designated Federal entity;

(C) the Executive Office of the President;

(D) the Central Intelligence Agency;

(E) the Government Accountability Office; or

(F) any entity in the judicial or legislative branches of the Government, including the Administrative Office of the United States Courts and the Architect of the Capitol and any activities under the direction of the Architect of the Capitol;

(2) the term “designated Federal entity” means . . . the National Archives and Records Administration . . . .

* * *

(b) No later than 180 days after the date of the enactment of this section [Oct. 18, 1988], there shall be established and maintained in each designated Federal entity an Office of Inspector General. The head of the designated Federal entity shall transfer to such office the offices, units, or other components, and the functions, powers, or duties thereof, that such head determines are properly related to the functions of the Office of Inspector General and would, if so transferred, further the purposes of this section. There shall not be transferred to such office any program operating responsibilities.

(c) Except as provided under subsection (f) of this section, the Inspector General shall be appointed by the head of the designated Federal entity in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations governing appointments within the designated Federal entity.

(d) Each Inspector General shall report to and be under the general supervision of the head of the designated Federal entity, but shall not report to, or be subject to supervision by, any other officer or employee of such designated Federal entity. The head of the designated Federal entity shall not prevent or prohibit the Inspector General from initiating, carrying out, or completing any audit or investigation, or from issuing any subpoena during the course of any audit or investigation.

(e) If an Inspector General is removed from office or is transferred to another position or location within a designated Federal entity, the head of the designated Federal entity shall promptly communicate in writing the reasons for any such removal or transfer to both Houses of the Congress.

* * *