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Organization Telephone Number List

  • Toll Free General Information: 1-86-NARA-NARA (1-866-272-6272)
  • Washington, DC Public Events Information: 202-357-5000


Symbol Room Bldg Organization or Title Phone In Charge
N 111 Archives I OFFICE OF THE ARCHIVIST OF THE UNITED STATES 202-357-5900 David S Ferriero
4200 Archives II     Archives II Office 301-837-1600  
ND 4200 Archives II DEPUTY ARCHIVIST OF THE UNITED STATES 202-357-5900 Debra Steidel Wall
  Archives I     Archives I Office 202-357-5900  
NCON 101 Archives I CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS STAFF 202-357-5100 John Owen Hamilton
NEEO 3310 Archives II EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY OFFICE 301-837-0939 Ismael Martinez
NGC 3110 Archives II GENERAL COUNSEL 301-837-3026 Gary M Stern
NGC 3110 Archives II     Senior Counsel 301-837-2928 Chris M Runkel
NGC 3110 Archives II     Director of Litigation 301-837-3026 Jeannette Wise
NGC 3100 Archives II     Counsel for Procurement and Employment Law 301-837-1888 Stephani L Abramson
OIG 1300 Archives II OFFICE OF THE INSPECTOR GENERAL 301-837-3000 James E Springs
OIG 1300 Archives II     Audits 301-837-3000 Jewel L Butler
OIG 1300 Archives II     Investigations 301-837-3000 Jason J Metrick
OIG 1300 Archives II     Counsel 301-837-3000 John M Simms
S 111A Archives I OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF STAFF 202-357-7458 Maria Stanwich
S-A 107 Archives I     Planning and Support Staff 202-357-7467 Vacant
SC G-1 Archives I     Communications and Marketing Division 202-357-5300 John G. Valceanu
SE 108-111 Archives I     Executive Secretariat 202-357-5496 Miranda J. Andreacchio
ST         Customer Experience   Vacant
C 4200 Archives II OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER 301-837-0643 William J Bosanko
CA 4100 Archives II     Accountability Staff 301-837-1668 Kimm A Richards
CM 2510 Archives II     Corporate Records Management Staff 301-837-0880 Deborah H. Armentrout
CH         Holdings Protection and Recovery Staff   Vacant
H 1200 Archives II OFFICE OF HUMAN CAPITAL 301-837-1981 Emmalisa S Hobbs (A)
HT   Archives II     Talent Acquisition Division 301-837-1981 Emmalisa S Hobbs
HTC 370 St. Louis         Classification Branch 301-512-1617 Landon J. Carter
HTS 370 St. Louis         Staffing and Classification Branch 314-801-0871 Vacant
HP 1200 Archives II     Labor/Employee Relations, Benefits & Performance Management Division 301-837-3754 Valorie F Findlater (A)
HPL 370 St. Louis         Labor Relations Branch 314-801-1909 Christopher B Wilder
HPP 1200 Archives II         Performance Management and Benefits Branch 301-837-3754 Valorie F Findlater (A)
HPS 1200 Archives II         Strategy, Analysis & Automation Branch 301-837-0366  
HL 3500 Archives II     Organizational Development & Learning Division 301-837-0450 Kashmira A. Shaikh
V 3200 Archives II OFFICE OF INNOVATION 301-837-2029 Pamela S Wright
VI 3200 Archives II     Digitization Division 301-837-2029 Pamela S Wright (A)
VIS 3200 Archives II         Digitization Services Branch 301-837-1643 Jennifer L Seitz (A)
VE 3200 Archives II     Digital Engagement Division 301-837-0760 Andrew P Wilson
VES 3200 Archives II         Web and Social Media Branch 301-837-0294 Dana M Allen-Greil
VEO 3200 Archives II         Digital Public Access Branch 301-837-3022 Jason C Clingerman
VH Innovation Hub Archives I     Innovation Hub 301-837-1780  
VS 3200 Archives II     Business Architecture, Standards, and Authorities Division   Vacant
VM 3350 Archives II     Project Management Division 202-357-5113 Aaron S Woo
F Suite A-733 7 G Street NW OFFICE OF THE FEDERAL REGISTER 202-741-6100 Oliver A Potts
FL Suite A-733 7 G Street NW     Legal Affairs and Policy Division 202-741-6025 Amy P Bunk
FP Suite A-733 7 G Street NW     Publications and Services Division 202-741-6002 John H Martinez
FD Suite A-733 7 G Street NW     Development, Digital Strategy, and Analytics Division 202-741-6057 Valerie A. Brecher-Kovacevic
A 3600 Archives II AGENCY SERVICES 301-837-3064 Jay A Trainer
AC 2100 Archives II     Office of the Chief Records Officer 301-837-1539 Laurence N Brewer
ACR 2200 Archives II         Records Management Operations Program 301-837-1539 Margaret R Hawkins
ACRC 2100 Archives II             Permanent Records Capture Section 301-837-3109 Matthew Y Eidson
ACRA   Ft Worth             Agency Assistance Team 817-551-2003 Darin C Cote
ACRS   Teleworker             Operations Research and Support Team 301-837-1740 Andrea M Riley
ACR1 2100 Archives II             Appraisal Team 1 301-837-2039 Rachel E Ban Tonkin
ACR2 2200 Archives II             Appraisal Team 2 301-837-2039 Margaret R Hawkins (A)
ACR3 2200 Archives II             Appraisal Team 3 301-837-1706 Kate M H Flaherty
ACR4 2100 Archives II             Appraisal Team 4 301-837-1740 Sebastian M Welch
ACP 2100 Archives II         Records Management Policy and Outreach Program 301-837-1744 Lisa I Haralampus
ACPS 2100 Archives II             Policy and Standards Team 301-837-1948 John C Martinez
ACPP 3600 Archives II             Policy and Program Support Team 301-837-1744 Arian D Ravanbakhsh
ACT 5320 Archives II         Records Management Training Program 301-837-1710 Gary H Rauchfuss
ACTA 2111 Archives II             Training Analysis, Evaluation, and Operations Team 301-837-3139  
ACTD   Pittsfield             Training Design and Development Team 413-236-3605 Andy R Potter
ACTI   Ellenwood             Training Implementation Team 301-837-1710 Michelle A Bradley
ACO 2800 Archives II         Records Management Oversight and Reporting Program 301-837-3426 Donald R Rosen
ACO1   Ft. Worth             Oversight Team 1 682-465-3021 Cindy C Smolovik
ACO2 2800 Archives II             Oversight Team 2 301-837-0730 Evangela C. Wimbush-Jeffrey
ACOS   Archives II             Systems Analysis Team   Vacant
AF 3600 Archives II     Federal Records Center Program 301-837-3115 David M Weinberg
AFC 3600 Archives II         Customer Relationship Management Branch 301-837-1546 Gordon G Everett
AFN 360 St. Louis         National Personnel Records Center 314-801-0587 Scott A Levins
AFN-C 103 Valmeyer             Civilian Personnel Records 618-935-3005 Kimberly A Gentile
AFN-CO 102 Valmeyer                 Civilian Operations Branch 618-935-3010 Patricia S Resler
AFN-CR 107B Valmeyer                 Civilian Reference Services Branch   Vacant
AFN-M 360 St. Louis             Military Personnel Records 314-801-0582 Kevin M Pratt
AFN-MC1 290 St. Louis                 Military Reference Core 1 314-801-0602 Joseph J Stewart (A)
AFN-MC2 200 St. Louis                 Military Reference Core 2 314-801-2505 Sharon A Box
AFN-MC3 260 St. Louis                 Military Reference Core 3 314-801-0797 Gregory L Sampson
AFN-MC4 220 St. Louis                 Military Reference Core 4 314-801-0512 Dana M. Nelson
AFN-MO 160 St. Louis                 Military Operations Branch 314-801-0647 Karen L Mellott
AFN-MR 240 St. Louis                 Military Records Retrieval Branch 314-801-9141 Michael A Ledyard
AFO 3600 Archives II         Operations Branch 404-736-2825 Leanne M Townsend-Cerame
AFOT 3600 Archives II             National Transfer and Disposition 206-336-5124 Scott E Roley
AFOP 3600 Archives II             Policy, Projects, and Management Controls   Scott S Diegel
AFOR 3600 Archives II             Records Management Services 301-837-2010 David S Miller
AFOR-R                 Records Management Consulting Services   Vacant
AFOR-S                 Scanning Advisory Services   Vacant
AFOD   Suitland             Operations DC - WNRC 301-778-1553 Christopher C Pinkney
AFOE 3600 Archives II             Operations East 206-336-5143 Steven J Ourada
AFOE-AT   Ellenwood                 Atlanta Federal Records Center 404-736-2888 Angela R Foster
AFOE-BO   Boston                 Boston Federal Records Center 781-663-0139 Jonathan D Morse
AFOE-CH   Chicago                 Chicago Federal Records Center 773-948-9007  
AFOE-DT   Dayton                 Dayton Federal Records Center 937-425-0661 Chloe R Reed
AFOE-FW   Ft. Worth                 Fort Worth Federal Records Center 817-551-2003 Scott S Beadle
AFOE-KR   Kingsridge                 Kingsridge Federal Records Center 937-425-0601 Lloyd D Mitchell
AFOE-PA   Phil.(NE)                 Federal Records Centers - Philadelphia 215-305-2011 Aaron T Swann
AFOE-PF   Pittsfield                 Pittsfield Federal Records Center 413-236-3606 Anna M. Lankford
AFOW 3600 Archives II             Operations West 951-956-2015 Michael J Kretch
AFOW-DV   Broomfield                 Denver Federal Records Center 303-604-4763 Samantha M Wade
AFOW-KC   Kansas City                 Kansas City Federal Records Center 816-994-1702 Theresa L Mellon
AFOW-LS   Lee's Summit                 Lee's Summit Federal Records Center 816-268-8149 Sean P Murphy
AFOW-LX   Lenexa                 Lenexa Federal Records Center 913-825-7809 David H Diamond
AFOW-RS   Riverside                 Riverside Federal Records Center 951-956-2016 Jason A Glover
AFOW-SB   San Bruno                 San Bruno Federal Records Center 650-238-3475 George K Morash
AFOW-SE   Seattle                 Seattle Federal Records Center 206-336-5129 Patrick M Weigel
AISOO 100 Archives I     Information Security Oversight Office 202-357-5250 Mark A. Bradley
AISOO-C 508 Archives I         Controlled Unclassified Information Executive Agent 202-357-5313 Patrick D Viscuso
AISOO-P 100 Archives I         Public Interest Declassification Board 202-357-5205 Vacant (A)
ANDC 6350 Archives II     National Declassification Center 301-837-058  
AOGIS 700 800 N. Capitol     Office of Government Information Services 202-741-5771 Alina M Semo
R 3400 Archives II RESEARCH SERVICES 301-837-3110 Ann A Cummings
R-B   Archives II     Backlog Reduction   Vacant
RP 3400 Archives II     Project and Performance Management   Vacant
RC 3400 Archives II     Research Customer Support Division   Vacant
RCT   Archives II         Customer Teams   Vacant
RCI 2500 Archives II         Archives Library Information Center 301-837-1795 Jeffery T Hartley
RD 2600 Archives II     Access Coordinator - Washington, DC   Vacant
RD-A 2600 Archives II         Administrative Staff 301-837-2929 James S Rush
RD-F 2607 Archives II         Special Access/FOIA Staff 301-837-3270 Martha W Murphy
RD-I 2600 Archives II         Electronic Records Accessioning Support Staff 301-837-0976 Robert K Spangler
RD-O   Archives II         Research Room Operations Archives II 301-837-0475 Michael F Knight
RD-OS   Archives II         Special Media Research Rooms/Researcher Registration 301-837-0923 Latoya C Chavis
RD-OP 1000 Archives II         Textual Pulls & Refiles 301-837-2043 Lisha B Penn
RD-OT 2385 Archives II         Textual Research Room 202-357-5464 Terrell X Fenwick
RDT 2600 Archives II         Textual Records Division 301-837-1895 Erin E Townsend
RDT1 405 Archives I             Textual Reference Archives I Branch 202-357-5287 Trevor K Plante
RDT1R 405 Archives I             Archives I Reference Section 202-357-5182 Juliette J Arai
RDT1F 606 Archives I             Archives I Forms Reference Section 202-357-5098 Octavia D Ranger
RDT1O G-13 Archives I             Archives I Research Rooms Section 202-357-5266 Dennis M Edelin
RDT2 2400 Archives II             Textual Reference Archives II Branch 301-837-0757 Richard W Peuser
RDTP 2600 Archives II             Textual Processing Branch 301-837-3008 Vernon R Smith
RDTPA 2600 Archives II                 Accessioning Section 301-837-3084 Timothy M Enas
RDTP2 2600 Archives II                 Archives II Processing Section 301-837-3008 Vernon R Smith
RDTP1 405 Archives I                 Archives I Processing Section 202-357-5330 Sarah A Herman
RDTPS 2600 Archives II                 Ancestry Projects - Silver Spring 801-705-7181 Vacant
RDE 5320 Archives II         Electronic Records Division 301-837-1824 Theodore J Hull
RDEP   Archives II             Processing Branch 301-837-0602 Charlotte L Sturm
RDER   Archives II             Reference Branch 301-837-0468 Lynn A Goodsell
RDEX   Archives II             Digital Preservation Services Staff 301-837-2989 Gary J Sinkfield
RDS   Archives II         Special Media Records Division 301-837-1911 Deborah A Lelansky
RDS-F   Archives II                 Motion Picture Lab 301-837-0496 Christina M Kovac
RDS-A   Archives II                 Audio/Video Lab 301-837-1922 Jason A Love
RDSC 3320 Archives II             Cartographic Branch 301-837-2036 Peter F Brauer
RDSM 3360 Archives II             Motion Picture Branch 301-837-1995 Daniel X Rooney
RDSS 5360 Archives II             Still Pictures Branch 301-837-3192 Meghan Ryan Guthorn
RE 2614 Archives II     Access Coordinator - East 301-837-3089 Michael T Moore
RE-AT 138 Morrow         Archival Operations - Atlanta 770-968-2485 Rob G Richards
RE-BO   Waltham         Archival Operations - Boston 781-663-0121 Alfie M Paul
RE-NY 410 New York         Archival Operations - New York City 212-401-1625 Chris M Gushman
RE-PA   Philadelphia         Archival Operations - Philadelphia 215-305-9348 Leslie M. Simon
RL 340F St. Louis     Access Coordinator - St. Louis 314-801-9132 Bryan K McGraw
RL-OC   St. Louis         Online Content Development   Vacant
RL-SL   St. Louis         Archival Operations - St. Louis 314-801-0951 Theresa A Fitzgerald
RM 3400 Archives II     Access Coordinator - Midwest 314-801-9132 Bryan K McGraw
RM-CH   Chicago         Archival Operations - Chicago 773-948-9009 Douglas A Bicknese
RM-DV   Denver         Archival Operations - Denver 303-604-4749 Eileen E Bolger
RM-FW   Ft. Worth         Archival Operations - Fort Worth 817-551-2033 Meg H Hacker
RM-KC 213 Kansas City         Archival Operations - Kansas City 816-268-8017 Lori A Cox-Paul
RW   Seattle     Access Coordinator - West 301-837-3089 Michael T Moore
RW-RS 129 Riverside         Archival Operations - Riverside 951-956-2040 Gwen E Granados
RW-SB 014 San Francisco         Archival Operations - San Francisco 650-238-3478 Stephanie M. Bayless
RW-SE   Seattle         Archival Operations - Seattle 206-336-5141 Susan H Karren
RX 2800 Archives II     Preservation Programs Division 301-837-0678 Allison M Olson (A)
RXC 1901 Archives II         Conservation Branch 301-837-0681 Vacant
RXS 310A St. Louis         St. Louis Preservation Branch 314-801-0907 Marta G ONeill
LL 8E Archives I     Center for Legislative Archives 202-357-5376 Richard H Hunt
LE G-9 Archives I     Education and Public Programs Division 202-357-7483  
LM 104 Archives I     Presidential Materials Division 202-357-5144 John J Laster
LP 2200 Archives II     Office of Presidential Libraries 857-294-1074 Tom J Putnam (A)
LP-HH   Hoover         Herbert Hoover Library and Museum 319-643-6029 Thomas F Schwartz
LP-FDR   Roosevelt         Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum 845-486-7741 Paul M Sparrow
LP-HST   Truman         Harry S. Truman Library and Museum 816-268-8210 Kurt K. Graham
LP-DDE   Eisenhower         Dwight D. Eisenhower Library and Museum 785-263-6739 Timothy D Rives
LP-JFK   Kennedy         John F. Kennedy Library and Museum 617-514-1651 Tom J Putnam
LP-LBJ   Johnson         Lyndon B. Johnson Library and Museum 512-721-0158  
LP-RN   Nixon         Richard M. Nixon Library and Museum 714-983-9121 Michael D Ellzey
LP-GRF   Ford Library         Gerald R. Ford Library 734-205-0566 Elaine K Didier
LP-GRFM   Ford Museum         Gerald R. Ford Museum 734-205-0566 Elaine K Didier
LP-JC   Carter         Jimmy Carter Library and Museum 404-865-7113 Meredith R Evans
LP-RR   Reagan         Ronald Reagan Library and Museum 805-577-4061 Duke Blackwood
LP-GB   Bush (41)         George Bush Library and Museum 979-691-4001 Warren L Finch
LP-WJC   Clinton         William J. Clinton Library and Museum 501-244-2884 Terri T Garner
LP-GWB   Bush (43)         George W. Bush Library and Museum 214-346-1680 Emily B Robison
LP-BHO   Obama Library         Barack Obama Library 847-252-5714 Brooke L Clement
LX G-9 Archives I     Exhibits Division 202-357-5974  
I 4400 Archives II INFORMATION SERVICES 301-837-1583 Swarnali Haldar
IT 5140 Archives II     Systems Engineering Division 301-837-0622 Dyung V Le
IG 1514 Archives II     Program Management Division 301-837-3167 Mary E Winstead
ID 5328 Archives II     Development & Tools Management Division 301-837-1533 Uttam Kumar
IDM 5331 Archives II         Data Management Branch 301-837-0445 Jay M. Nannapaneni
IC 4416 Archives II     Services and Compliance Division 301-837-3204 Loretta S. Turner
IS 4404 Archives II     Cyber Security & Information Assurance Division 301-837-3048 Sandra E Paul-Blanc
ISM 4500 Archives II         Monitoring & Engineering Branch 301-837-1877 Keith A Day
ISS 2356 Archives II         Authorization Branch 301-837-3521 William L. Fumey
IJ 2359 Archives II     IT Project Management Division 301-837-1955 Thomas J McAndrew
IQ 4418 Archives II     Test & Release Management Division 301-837-0610 Phuong T Ha (A)
IO 4406 Archives II     Service Operations Delivery Division 301-837-3578 Michael A. McGuire
IOO 4324 Archives II         Network Services Branch 301-837-3269 Mike M Collins
IOS 4503 Archives II         End-User Services Branch 301-837-1684 James L Atwater
IR 4418 Archives II     Requirements Management Division 301-837-0610 Phuong T Ha (A)
B 5100 Archives II BUSINESS SUPPORT SERVICES 301-837-1719 Donna J Forbes
B-AC   Archives II     Administration, Policy, and Planning Staff   Vacant
B-AD 5107 Archives II     Storage Coordination and Logistics Branch 301-837-1786 Vacant
BQ   Broomfield     Field Management Support Division 303-604-4701 Leonard G Harmon
BQA   Ellenwood         Field Support Office - Atlanta 404-736-2851 Frederick A Abrahamian
BQB   Boston         Field Support Office - Boston 781-663-0140 David J Powers
BQC   Chicago         Field Support Office - Chicago and Dayton 817-551-2002 Robert A Newton
BQD   Broomfield         Field Support Office - Denver 303-604-4701 Vacant
BQF   Ft. Worth         Field Support Office - Fort Worth 817-551-2002 Vacant
BQK   Kansas City         Field Support Office - Kansas City 816-268-8024 Robert A Newton
BQP   Philadelphia         Field Support Office - Philadelphia 215-305-2003 David Roland
BQS   San Bruno         Field Support Office - San Bruno and Riverside 650-238-3463 David M Piff
BQU   Suitland         Field Support Office - Suitland 215-305-2003 David Roland
BQE   Seattle         Field Support Office - Seattle 650-238-3463 David M Piff
BF 2320 Archives II     Facility and Property Management Division 301-837-3019 Mark D Sprouse
BFF 2320 Archives II         Facilities and Property Branch 301-837-3712 Donald W Overfelt
BFS 1150 Archives II         Space Planning and Projects Branch 301-837-3648 Ronald C Noll
BP 5365 Archives II     Project Assistance Division 301-837-0550 Alexander C Turell
BX 2300 Archives II     Security Management Division 301-837-0298 Kevin A McCoy
MP         Strategy and Performance Division   Carla B Patterson (A)
X 5200 Archives II OFFICE OF THE CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER 301-837-1723 Colleen V Murphy (A)
XA 5105 Archives II     Accounting Policy and Operations Branch 301-837-3534 Raymond Chin
XB 5200 Archives II     Office of Budget 301-837-0485 Cherimonda P Arrington
XF 5106 Archives II     Financial Reporting and Analysis Staff 301-837-3607 Christine M. Burris
XT 5108 Archives II     National Archives Trust Fund Branch 301-837-3165 Lawrence S. Post