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Prepared remarks of Archivist of the United States David S. Ferriero at the annual gala of the Foundation for the National Archives. National Archives Building, Washington, DC

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David S. Ferriero The Archivist of the United States is the head of our agency, appointed by the President of the United States.

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November 9, 2010

Good evening.  Welcome to my house!  We are joined tonight by many members of the Archives staff—Senior Staff Administrators including our Inspector General, Transformation Task Force Members, Union Officials, Afro-American History Society Leadership, and Foundation Staff, to name a few.  I’d like the staff stand and be recognized.  It has been a terrific year!  I’m proud to be among you.

I have become a big fan of the Washington Post daily horoscope and mine for today reads:

“Many feel limited by the work they do.  You won’t be in this category today, though.  Your work expands you.  You’ll be excited by what you learn, and you feel privileged to do what you do.”   Privileged indeed!   
Tonight, it is my honor to join the Foundation for the National Archives in celebrating another year of our great partnership --- and in honoring an American filmmaker whose life’s work showcases the importance of using primary sources to tell our American story.

This public-private partnership between the Archives and the Foundation makes a critical difference in our ability to fulfill our mission of making accessible the most important records of our democracy.

You can see tonight the tangible results of our partnership, including this beautiful theater, and the Lawrence F. O’Brien Gallery upstairs, where tomorrow morning we launch Part Two of our latest exhibition, “Discovering the Civil War.”

The Foundation has brought financial and creative support to all of our efforts in these venues, as well as in the National Archives Experience’s Public Vaults exhibition and in The Boeing Learning Center.

It also has helped extend the reach of the National Archives beyond this building, through educational and on-line initiatives, marketing campaigns, and numerous publications and products celebrating the treasures of the Archives.

My thanks to the Foundation’s Chairman and President Ken Lore, Executive Director Thora Colot, the Board of Directors, and you, the donors and supporters of the Foundation, for this continuing partnership.

In my first year I have been tremendously impressed by the quality of programs and exhibitions that were the result of the Foundation’s support. That support will allow the National Archives to continue to be a premier venue in our Nation’s Capitol for exploring the rich history of our democracy.

Now it is my honor to acknowledge the lead sponsor for tonight’s festivities: Bank of America. 

Tonight we are pleased to have with us the President of Bank of America Mid-Atlantic, Bill Couper.  As well as coordinating Bank of America’s business in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia, Mr. Couper is also the senior leader for the bank’s management team for community and civic activities.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Bill Couper.