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On November 18, Elizabeth Burnes will host "Friend or Foe? Alien Ancestors During Times of War," a Twitter chat on Immigration stories and resources in Kansas City, focusing on finding alien ancestors during times of war. Elizabeth Burnes is an Archivist for the National Archives at Kansas City who serves as the lead archivist for Alien Files (A-Files) reference. Prior to this, she held positions at Harry S Truman National Historic Site, Missouri History Museum, Herman T. Pott National Inland Waterways Library, and Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum. She received a Bachelor’s degree in History at Truman State University, and a Master’s degree in History and Museum Studies at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

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National Conversation on Rights and Justice

On October 18, Carol Buswell hosted "Six Native American Women You Should Know." She is an ongoing contributor to the National Archives Education Updates blog, National Archives’ American Indian web pages, , and other publications including a chapter and teaching unit in the National Park Service/ University of Oregon online publication " Honoring Tribal Legacies ."

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Carla Buswell

Winning the Vote: Ratifying the 19th Amendment

On August 24, join Jennifer N. Johnson for a twitter chat "Winning the Vote, Ratifying the 19th Amendment." Jennifer N. Johnson is a curator for the National Archives Traveling Exhibit Service (NATES) and has been a curator for the National Archives for ten years, beginning her career at the National Archives Museum in Washington, DC. She has worked on exhibits covering a variety of topics and curated the "Remembering the Ladies" section in the Records of Rights exhibit.

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Jennifer N. Johnson

LGBTQ stories in the National Archives

On July 8, Michael Hussey hosted a twitter chat on records relating to LGBTQ issues in the National Archives. Michael Hussey is a member of the National Archives' (NARA) Education and Exhibits staffs. He has a deep understanding of NARA's vast holdings, particularly LGBTQ-related records. He is president of Stonewall@NARA, the agency's LGBTQ employee affinity group.

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Michael Hussey