National Archives at Boston

Transcription of Inward Foreign Manifest from St. Petersburg

Report and Manifest

Of the Cargo, laden on board the Ship Mount Vernon whereof Saml Endicott is master, which Cargo was taken on board at St Petersburg burthen Two hundred fifty four tons, built at Salem in the State of Massachusetts and owned by Joseph Peabody & Gideon Tucker merchant at Salem as per Register granted at Salem the fourth day of June A.D. 1803 and bound for Salem

Marks and Numbers inclusive Packages & Contents By whom shipped. To whom consigned, or if to order. Place of Consignee's residence. Ports of Destination.
XpX No 1 to 98 Ninety eight Bundles of Hemp

Three Thousand one hundred & fifty five bars of Iron
MV Eighty eight Packs Sail Cloth        
MV Nineteen Bales Sheeting        
MV Ten Bales Ravens duck        
MVD Three Bales Diapers        
MVNo 1 to 40 Forty Casks of Oile        
SS E Forty Bales Sheeting        
E Fifty one feather beds        
SDE One Bale Diaper        
SEW One Bale White Sheeting        
PS Three Bales Sheeting        
HSS Two Bales Sheeting Sam1 Endicott Joseph Peabody & Gideon Tucker Salem Salem
HS Six Packs sail Cloth        
P Eleven packs sail Cloth        
PR Three Bales Ravens duck        
HSR Two Bales Ravens duck        
ISP One Bale White Sheeting        
EDP One Bale of Diaper        
IBCP One pack table Cloths        
EFP Four Sacks of Feathers        
GFT One Sack Feathers        
GT One pack Table Cloths        
B R.S. One Box Looking Glass
Ten Chairs
One Bag of wooden Boles
Eleven Sacks of feathers
Fifty bales Calves Skins
One Bale Sheeting
IL Eight Pieces Sail Cloth

One Piece Sheeting

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