#RememberingVietnam Social Media Campaign

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In honor of the opening of our exhibit, “Remembering Vietnam,” we invite you to participate in our new social media campaign.


What: Join us on Twitter and Instagram to share your memories, letters, documents, photographs, mementos, and collections related to the people who experienced the conflict in Vietnam.


Who: Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums, and other institutions are welcome. We would also love to see personal artifacts, photographs, and documents from the public, including soldiers and civilians who served in Vietnam, protesters, Vietnamese-Americans, refugees, and others.


How: Each day will have its own theme--all you need to do is share a related document, photo, image, or artifact using the hashtag #RememberingVietnam on Twitter and Instagram.


When: The campaign will start on Monday, November 6, and end with the exhibit opening on Friday, November 10.

  • Monday, November 6: Portraits
    • Share photos, drawings, and other images of the people who experienced the war in Vietnam.
  • Tuesday, November 7: Mementos
    • What artifacts have you kept that remind you of the Vietnam War?
  • Wednesday, November 8: Snapshots
    • Share your images from daily life in Vietnam and on the homefront.
  • Thursday, November 9: Letters
    • Share correspondence sent to, from, or about Vietnam from your holdings or personal archive.
  • Friday, November 10: Vietnam Veterans
    • Honor a Vietnam veteran by sharing images of his or her life during and after the war


Where: Twitter and Instagram


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