SNAC Space Exploration

It's dark early, let's look at the night sky. SNAC Space Exploration, January 2018

Did you know that a constellation isn't just a group of stars? A SNAC Identity Constellation is the nodal point for the description of an individual, a family, or a corporate body (similar to a traditional authority record). It describes those agents that create, preserve, use, and are responsible for and/or associated with archival records in a variety of ways.






The nights are long and perfect for stargazing, so we're joining the crew of the Social Networks and Archival Context Cooperative (SNAC) on an exploration of outer space. Follow #SNACconstellations on Twitter as leading archives, libraries, universities, and scientific societies connect the people, spacecraft, and out of this world organizations represented in their holdings.


Learn about astronomers, astronauts, lunar landings, and interplanetary voyages as we connect Constellation identities and discover how describing individuals, families, and organizations builds a greater contextual understanding of the the archival records that tell their stories.

SNAC is all about making connections to people, families, and corporate bodies. This campaign will show you how to trace a path from Apollo 11 through Buzz Aldrin, Dorothy Vaughan, Tom Wolfe, Sally Ride and more using archival records to chart your course. We'll share examples and tips on how to use SNAC to make your own connections and identify Constellations you won't find in the night sky. We hope you'll join us!

Ship’s Log



Week of January 1 NASA
  Neil Armstrong
Week of January 8 Apollo 11
  Buzz Aldrin
Week of January 15 Michael Collins
  Air & Space
Week of January 22 Johnson Space Center
  George Pendray
  Ellen Ochoa
Week of January 29

Mae Jemison

  Dorothy Vaughan
Week of February 5 Katherine Johnson
  John Glenn
  Tom Wolfe
  Mercury Project
Week of February 12 Wernher von Braun
  Apollo Project
  Pete Conrad
Week of February 19 Copernicus
  Wally Schirra
  Sally Ride
Week of February 26 Guion Bluford
  Jet Propulsion Laboratory