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John McEvoy

John McEvoy

I began my employment with the National Archives in July, 2001 at the Philadelphia Federal Records Center after having worked for several years in the private sector in records center operations. In early 2000, the industry and the company I had been working for went through a consolidation and it was the appropriate time to seek out a more challenging opportunity in the same industry. At that time, I had no idea that the government had a formal records center program until I learned about the National Archives.

With the National Archives, I saw many ways that I could contribute to the present and the future of the program. The National Archives offered a solid career ladder opportunity and the job prospect instilled a sense of pride that I work for the United States of America and am participating in our nations' history.

My initial position at the National Archives was Operations Manager, followed by promotions to Assistant Director and then Director of Records Center Operations.

In July 2008, I started a new job as an IT Specialist, where I assist with the development and deployment of the new Archives and Records Center Information System (ARCIS). ARCIS has been in development for over 2 years, and I served on the Business Process Team responsible for building the business rules for the system. Not only have I been testing the functionality of the system from a process standpoint, I have also been presenting and demonstrating the system to our customers, and will assist with both employee and customer training.

I'm excited about the chance to utilize both my experience in records center operations and my knowledge of the new system and be on the leading edge of this important new technology that will carry the Records Center Program for many years to come.