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Red Cliff Agency Records

Red Cliff Agency, Bayfield, Wisconsin

Indians from Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Ojibwa (also known as Chippewa), were under the jurisdiction of the La Pointe Agency beginning in 1865. In 1889, the Red Cliff Day School opened, located near Bayfield, Wisconsin. In 1912, the school became part of the new Red Cliff Agency. The agency jurisdiction ended in 1922, with the school eventually closing in 1923. From 1922 until 1927, the Red Cliff once again became part of the La Pointe Agency. In 1927, the Lac du Flambeau Agency absorbed the La Pointe Agency until in 1936, the Lac du Flambeau Agency became part of the Great Lakes Agency. In 1949, The Great Lakes Agency merged with the Tomah Agency forming the Great Lakes Consolidated Agency.


I. General Records

Circular Letters, 1910-1913 (National Archives Identifier 82568634)
General Correspondence, ca. 1908-1922 (National Archives Identifier 36513174)
Wisconsin State Guard, 1918-1919 (National Archives Identifier 82568636)

II. Administrative Records

Administrative Correspondence of the Superintendent, 1908-1922 (National Archives Identifier 38983132)
Annual Reports, 1912-1922 (National Archives Identifier 83740221)
Building Repair Ledger, 1913-1926 (National Archives Identifier 82571655)
Court Cases, 1905-1922 (National Archives Identifier 82570088)
Employee Payroll, 1913-1916 (National Archives Identifier 83740222)
Industrial Status (or Survey) Reports, 1917-1922 (National Archives Identifier 83740228)
Property Accounts, 1912-1921 (National Archives Identifier 82568638)
Telegrams Sent and Received, 1912-1922 (National Archives Identifier 83832782)
Tribal Registration Cards, 1913-1915 (National Archives Identifier 85713505)

III. Financial Records

Abstracts of Individual Indian Money Accounts and Special Accounts, 1906-1922 (National Archives Identifier 82570127)
Analyzed Liabilities, 1916-1917 (National Archives Identifier 82511331)
Check Register, 1917-1922 (National Archives Identifier 90330858)
Correspondence Related to Financial Accounts, 1919-1922 (National Archives Identifier 117701227)
Payment Received Stub Book, 1915-1923 (National Archives Identifier 85704341)

IV. Records Relating to Trust Responsibilities

Check Register for Individual Indian Money, 1917-1922 (National Archives Identifier 83088309)
Indian Bank Accounts, 1913-1918 (National Archives Identifier 82568730)
Individual Indian Accounts Ledgers, 1897-1922 (National Archives Identifier 83084835)
Individual Indian Case Files, 1908-1920 (National Archives Identifier 82570112)
Sale of Indian Lands, 1905-1922 (National Archives Identifier 82926999)
Transfer Ledger, 1913-1918 (National Archives Identifier 102072446)

V. Records Relating to Tribal Resources

Timber Operations, 1901-1920 (National Archives Identifier 82927277)

VI. Records Relating to Education

Correspondence Related to Educational Schools, 1912-1922 (National Archives Identifier 90314711)
Journal Vouchers and Correspondence for Red Cliff School, 1921-1922 (National Archives Identifier 90319032)
School Census Reports, 1913-1926 (National Archives Identifier 85713517)

VII. Maps and Charts

Map of the Red Cliff Reservation, 1912 (National Archives Identifier 82920886)

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