National Archives at Chicago

Red Cliff Agency Records

Red Cliff Agency, Bayfield, Wisconsin

I. General Records

Administrative Correspondence of the Superintendent, 1908-1922
Circular Letters, 1910-1913
Records Related to the Wisconsin State Guard, 1918-1919

II. Administrative Records

Census Rolls, Red Cliff Chippewas, 1878-1935
Tribal Registration Cards, 1913-1915
Annual Reports, 1912-1915
Industrial Status Reports, 1917-1922
Property Accounts, 1912-1921
Employees Payroll, 1913-1916
Building Repair Ledger, 1913-1926
Records Related to Court Cases, 1905-1922

III. Financial Records

Correspondence Regarding Financial Accounts, 1919-1922
Registers of Financial Transactions, 1919-1921
Appropriation Ledgers, 1912-1922
Analyzed Liabilities, 1916-1917
Check Registers, 1917-1922

IV. Records Relating to Trust Responsibilities

Individual Indian Case Files, 1908-1920
Records Relating to Sale of Indian Lands, 1905-1922
Records of Indian Bank Accounts, 1913-1918
Ledgers of Individual Indian Accounts, 1897-1922
Transfer Ledgers, 1913-1918
Vouchers of Indian Money Accounts, 1906-1922
Journal of Sundry Payments to Indians, 1902-1908
Check Registers-Individual Indian Money, 1917-1922

V. Records Relating to Tribal Resources

Records Related to Timber Operations, 1901-1920
Scale Books of Logs Purchased, 1897-1911
Trial Balance Registers, 1897-1909

VI. Records Relating to Education

School Census Reports, 1912-1926
School Attendance Cards, 1923-1926

VII. CCC-ID Installation

Administrative Records
        Administrative Files, 1938-1942

VIII. Records of Tribal Corporation

Financial Records
        General Ledger, 1937-1954
        Cash Accounts, 1938-1954
        General Accounts Journals, 1937-1948
        Trial Balance Register, 1937-1948
        Ledger of Loan Repayments, 1937-1955

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