National Archives at Chicago

La Pointe Agency Records

La Pointe Agency, La Pointe, Wisconsin

I. General Records

Registers of Letters Received, 1913-1926
General Letters Received, 1871-1914
Letters Received from the Commissioner, 1869-1914
Letters Received from Bad River Reservation, 1879-1924
Letters Received from the Fond du Lac Reservation, 1884-1914
Letters Received from Grand Portage Reservation, 1881-1913
Letters Received from Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation, 1881-1914
Letters Received from Lac du Flambeau Reservation and School, 1885-1914
Letters Received from Red Cliff Reservation, 1882-1914
Letters Received from Vermillion Lake Reservation, 1881-1906
Letters Received Regarding Minnesota Agencies, 1906-1914
Press Copies of Letters Sent to the Commissioner, 1878-1914
Press Copies of General Letters Sent, 1881-1914
Miscellaneous Administrative Correspondence, 1870-1913
Miscellaneous Correspondence of the Superintendent, 1914-1924
Miscellaneous Correspondence with the Department, 1914-1921
Calendar of Letters Received by Superintendent P. S. Everest, 1926-1931

II. Administrative Records

Press Copies of Letters Related to Timber Contracts, 1894-1895
Press Copies of Census Rolls-Lake Superior Chippewas, 1887-1893
Annual Reports, 1911-1926
Record of Employees, 1883-1927
Efficiency Reports on Employees, 1897-1926
Lists of Positions and Salaries, 1898-1912
Reports of Changes in Employees, 1913-1927
Employee Leave Records, 1909-1927
Miscellaneous Records of the Disbursing Officer, 1908-1927
Administrative Records of the Red Cliff Reservation, 1883-1912
Administrative Files, Grand Portage Reservation, 1891-1912
Administrative Records of the Lac du Flambeau Agency, 1888-1914
Administrative Records of the Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation, 1883-1915
Administrative Files, Bad River Reservation, 1894-1918
Administrative Files, Fond du Lac Reservation, 1888-1909
Census Roll, Lac Courte Oreilles, Apr. 3, 1877
Reports on Timber Operations, 1907-1923
Press Copies of Certificates of Inspection, 1884-1904
Descriptive Statement of Government Buildings, Sept. 30, 1878-Mar. 30, 1907

III. Legal and Legislative Records

Register of Probate Cases, 1924-1928

IV. Financial Records

Property Accounting Records, 1874-1922
Letters Received Regarding Accounts, 1897-1923
Employees Payrolls, June 1874-Sept. 1912
Report of Irregular Employees ("Receipt Roll"), Dec. 1879-June 1907
Check Register, 1917-1922
Report of Checks Issued, Aug. 1911-Dec. 1911
Registers of Financial Transactions (La Pointe), 1925-1927
Journals of Receipts and Disbursements, 1875-1911
Records of Receipts and Disbursements under Various Funds and Appropriations, 1909-1918
Journals of Miscellaneous Receipts and Expenditures, 1886-1927
Records of Authorities, 1909-1916
Ledgers of Timber Accounts, 1886-1911

V. Records of Trust Responsibilities

Correspondence Related to Indian Money Accounts, 1898-1925
Abstract of Individual Indian Moneys and Special Deposits, Sept. 30, 1918-Dec. 31, 1918
Abstract of Individual Indians Bank Accounts, Dec. 31, 1915-Dec. 31, 1918
Trial Balances for Individual Indian Accounts, 1910-1912
Individual Indian Money Authorizations, 1916-1929
Bank Ledgers of Individual Indian Accounts, 1908-1918
Accounts of Expenditures for Individual Indians, 1904-1928
Application for Expenditure of Funds for Individual Indians, Feb. 1908-Dec. 1910
Ledger of Applications for Expenditures, 1908-1911
Ledger of Withdrawals, 1904-1920
Registration Lists, 1905
Index to Allotment Sales, 1913-1915
Index to Annuity Records, 1924-1931
Records of Heirship Fees, 1919-1925
Records Related to Heirship Examinations (Records of W. O.
         Goodman Examiner of Inheritance), 1908-1926
Summaries of Estate Hearings (Estates & Heirship Hearings Worksheets), 1911-1929
Records Related to Bank Bonds, 1909-1928
Applications for Patents in Fee, 1906-1926
Plat Records, 1878-1915
Records Related to Timber Contracts, 1907-1922
Authorizations for Timber Sales, 1894-1905
Schedule & Voucher for Sales of Land or Timber, Mar. 31, 1917-Dec. 31, 1918

VI. Records of Tribal Resources

Records of Indian Allotment Lands, n.d.
Settlements of Estates, 1913-1920
Timber Contracts, Bad River, 1883-1920
Timber Contracts, Fond du Lac, 1884-1887
Timber Contracts, Lac Courte Oreilles, 1883-1898
Timber Contracts, Lac du Flambeau, 1886-1905
Timber Contracts, Red Cliff, 1882-1884
Records of Timber Cut, 1899-1923
Records of Timber Cruises, 1908-1913
Timber Estimates, 1912-1913
Scaling Book, 1886-1887
Monthly Statements of Timber Credits, 1894-1905
Survey of Timber on Indian Lands, n.d.
Ledgers of Timber and Land Accounts, 1895-1912
Records of Patents Issued and Approved, 1920-1930
Receipts for Patents, 1884-1905
Correspondence of Forester, 1914-1918

VII. Records Relating to Health and Welfare

Monthly Sanitary Report of Diseases & Injuries, Mar. 21, 1896-Sept. 1901

VIII. Records Relating to Education

School Reports, 1873-1897
Applications for Enrollment at Nonreservation Schools, 1906-1926
Quarterly Report of School Employees, Mar. 1885-Mar. 1902

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