National Archives at Chicago

Bad River Agency Records

Bad River Agency, Odanah, Wisconsin

Census Rolls, Bad River Chippewas, 1897-1933

Check Registers-Individual Indian Money, 1917-1926

Ledgers of Individual Indian Accounts, 1894-1926

School Census Reports, 1915-1926

School Attendance Cards, 1923-1926

Cash Books, 1894-1897

Building Repair Ledger, 1913-1924

Record of Bond Purchases, 1918-1932

Ledgers of "Irregular" Indian Accounts, 1894

Bank Ledgers of Individual Indian Accounts, 1908-1918

Cash Accounts, 1917-1927

Schedules of Allotments, 1914-1920

Check Registers, 1917-1927

Patents Issued and Delivered, 1908

Records of Sales to Contractors, 1913-1917

Scale of Logs Purchased, 1887-1921

Ledgers of Timber Sales, 1894-1913

Timber Journals, 1909-1921

Recapitulation of Logs Purchased, 1896-1918

Journals of Sundries Payments to Indians, 1894-1921

Ledger of Loan Repayments, 1938-1957

Production Records, 1944-1945

General Ledger, 1938

Trial Balance Register, 1938-1958

Cash Accounts, 1938-1957

General Accounts Journals, 1938-1958

Trial Balance Registers, 1894-1913

Estimates of Timber, 1913

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