Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)

CUI Registry: Change Log

The Change Log reflects changes to CUI categories, subcategories, markings, authorities, and limited dissemination controls, such as addition, deletion, or transfer of information from one category/subcategory or authority to another.

The Change Log does not reflect regular maintenance of the same authority from one version of the United States Code (USC) or Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) to the next.   




The Census category page was updated as follows:

Safeguarding and/or Dissemination Authorities (13 USC 8(b) and 13 USC 9(a)) are now depicted as Specified authorities.  

Category description modified.  


Related to information gathered by the Bureau of the Census during the process of collecting, compiling, evaluating, analyzing of demographic, economic, and social data pertaining, at a specified time, to any or all persons in the United States.


Related to information gathered by the Bureau of the Census during the process of collecting, compiling, evaluating, analyzing of demographic, economic, and social data pertaining at a specified time to any or all persons in the United States and dissemination is limited to those with special sworn status, who may only use the data for statistical purposes and only for those statistical purposes for which the data was supplied. 

2018-10-29 New categories added:
  • Accident Investigation
  • Legislative Materials
  • Taxpayer Advocate Information
  • Written Determinations
  • Toxic Substances
2018-10-29 Category descriptions updated, authorities and sanctions added for:
  • Bank Secrecy
  • Federal Taxpayer Information
  • Tax Convention
2018-10-29 Witness Protection category:
  • Sanction replaced
2018-10-29 New Authorities added to categories:
  • Administrative Proceedings
  • Genetic Information
  • Health Information
  • Informant
  • Legal Privilege
  • Whistleblower Identity
2018-09-26 Investigation category updated:
  • New description
  • Additional authority
  • 2018-09-26 New category added:
    • Consumer Complaint Information
    2018-09-26 Create new Organizational Index Grouping (Provisional), and 9 new provisional categories:
    1. Homeland Security Agreement Information
    2. Homeland Security Enforcement Information
    3. Information Systems Vulnerability Information - Homeland
    4. International Agreement Information - Homeland
    5. Operations Security Information
    6. Personnel Security Information
    7. Physical Security - Homeland
    8. Privacy Information
    9. Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information
    2018-09-26 Move 4 categories to new Organizational Index Grouping Defense:
    1. Controlled Technical Information
    2. DoD Critical Infrastructure Security Information
    3. Naval Nuclear Propulsion Information
    4. Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information - Defense
    2018-09-26 New category added:
    • Financial Supervision Information
    2018-04-02 Whistleblower Identity category:
    • New authority added
    2018-04-02 CUI Registry taxonomy has been changed for simplification and to better meet agency needs:
    • CUI is controlled at the "category-level" only.
    • The term "subcategory" no longer exists within the CUI Registry's taxonomy.
    • Organizational Index Groupings (OIGs) are used to display categories in the Registry by general informational subject. OIGs are not used to control CUI.
    2017-09-25 Subcategory added:
    • Intelligence-Internal Data subcategory added

    Natural and Cultural Resources category added, with subcategories:

    1. Archaeological Resources
    2. Historic Properties
    3. National Park System Resources
    2017-07-07 Subcategory added:
    • Financial-Federal Housing Finance Non-Public Information
    2017-07-07 Subcategory added:
    • Proprietary Business Information-Ocean Common Carrier and Marine Terminal Operator Agreements
    2017-06-20 Export Control-Research authorities updated to reflect substantive changes to 15 CFR 734:
    • Controls from 15 CFR 734.8(c) and 15 CFR 734.11(a) have been incorporated into 15 CFR 734.8(b)
    2017-05-09 Privacy category description updated:
    • Reference OMB M-17-12 (previously OMB M-07-16)


    Subcategory added:
    • Nuclear-Recommendation Material


    Subcategory renamed and description updated:
    • Financial-Central Contractor Registration renamed Proprietary Business Information-System for Award Management
    2017-03-27 Privacy category:
    • Authority OMB M-17-12 rescinded and replaced by OMB M-07-16 on January 3. 2017.

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