Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)

CUI Training Tools

The Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) office develops training tools for CUI, designed for a widespread audience at multiple levels within the government and beyond.


Select the respective title for PowerPoint presentation or the video link to learn about a specific element of the CUI Program:

Controlled Environments describes the requirements for storing CUI in physical and electronic environments.


Decontrolling describes the requirements for decontrolling CUI.


Destruction describes the requirements for destroying CUI.


Lawful Government Purpose describes concept of Lawful Government Purpose and the sharing requirements related to CUI.


Introduction to Marking provides an introduction and addresses the requirements for marking CUI.


Marking: Non-Traditional addresses the various ways to mark or identify CUI.



This briefing, recorded on January 27, 2017, provides an overview of the CUI Program, its origins, implementation by agencies, and major features, including marking, safeguarding, and destruction.


Select the respective Chalkboard to launch a computer-based training module developed prior to publication of 32 CFR Part 2002:

CUI Awareness discusses the history of controlled unclassified information and the need for consistent government-wide policy

Launch CUI Awareness Training

Executive Order 13556 introduces the Presidential directive to create a collaborative and standardized approach for managing controlled unclassified information

Launch EO 13556 Training

CUI & FOIA clarifies the distinction between the Controlled Unclassified Information program and the Freedom of Information Act

Launch CUI FOIA Training