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Migration North to Alaska

Homesteading and Citizenship


Migration to Alaska ultimately resulted in its statehood. When Congress passed the act that admitted Alaska into the union in 1958, and President Eisenhower issued his proclamation in January 1959, Alaska became the 49th state. This prompted many Americans to send suggestions to President Eisenhower about the redesign of the nation's flag. The actual redesigned flag had seven rows of seven stars each.


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The Documents

Admission of
Alaska to the Union,
Public Law 85-508

Public Law 85-508 Admitting Alaska to the Union
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National Archives and Records Administration
Records of the U.S. Government
Record Group 11

49-Star Flag Design
by Nancy Lee Andrews

49-Star Flag Design By Nancy Lee Andrews
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View    Nancy Lee Andrews' Letter
to Mamie Eisenhower

White House Response

49-Star Flag Design
by Ronald Becker

49-Star Flag Design by Ronald Becker
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View    Ronald Becker's Letter
to President Eisenhower

White House Response

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library
General Files
File 1-D, American Flag, 1958-1959


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