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Primarily Teaching

Summer Workshops for Educators on Using Historical Documents in the Classroom

Teachers scanning documents in Washington, DCJoin us to conduct research with original documents in the holdings of the National Archives and Presidential Libraries. Discover some of those incredible teachable documents that help educators and students unlock the past.

All workshops will have a national theme matching that of National History Day (NHD) in 2019. (Participation in NHD is not required.) You will explore a specific topic that fits within the broader theme, researching primary sources like letters, reports, petitions, case files, photographs, and more.

    You will identify between 3 and 5 items (documents, photos, maps, etc.) to digitize and make available online. We will add these to our online tool for teaching with documents——while you're onsite. During the workshop, you'll produce a DocsTeach learning activity using these digitized primary sources.

    Topics and Locations

    • Check back in early spring for more information and to apply.

    Teachers in a workshop in ChicagoCost & Credit

    • The $100 fee includes all materials.
    • Graduate credit from a major university may be available for an additional fee.
    • Participants will receive a stipend upon successful completion of the course.

    Past Workshops

    Primary sources selected by educators during last year's workshops:


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    Teachers in a workshop in DCComments from Past Participants

    • “To be able to get your hands on primary documents and having the most amazing people to help is well worth a week in the summer.”
    • “This [was an] awesome opportunity to work with primary sources, literally touching history, and working with experts in the field in a phenomenal environment.”
    • "This was the best workshop I have ever attended."
    • "I loved the opportunity to do archival well as the ability to select documents for digitization and for use in DocsTeach."
    • "It’s really satisfying to see the result...appear online, and then to have all these documents made available to other teachers..."
    • “It was wonderful and this will be an educational experience that I will never forget. I grew as an educator, and I believe everyone grew as well.”
    • "I am more confident using primary source documents in my teaching."
    • "I thoroughly enjoyed the excitement of discovery."
    • “Highly engaging, and promotes more opportunities to lead students to using more critical thinking strategies”
    • "I have a renewed sense of enthusiasm for beginning yet another school year."
    • "This is the BEST, most VALUABLE class I have ever taken. My vocabulary is insufficient to describe it properly. Thank you!"


    Primarily Teaching workshops are made possible in part by the National Archives Foundation, through the support of Texas Instruments.