Equal Employment Opportunity Program

Disability Program

The Disability Program is designed to assist and support the agency with disability employment matters under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended, Executive Order 13548,  29 CFR 1614.102, and 29 CFR 1630.

Accordingly, NARA's Disability Program Manager (DPM) consults and provides technical guidance to managers, employees, and applicants on disability matters and has nationwide responsibility in program areas such as reasonable accommodation, recruitment, hiring, retention of persons with disabilities, data collection, training, and educational awareness; and other disability-related functions.

Disability Resource Center

NARA’S Disability Resource Center (DRC) provides news and information regarding disability employment issues. We seek to increase employment opportunities for persons with disabilities by providing access to training, employment support, assistive technology, and reasonable accommodations.

The DRC is designed to provide one-stop information to managers, employees, and HR professionals to support the employment of persons with disabilities, increase awareness of the benefits of hiring persons with disabilities, and facilitate the use of effective strategies.

What are the benefits of hiring people with disabilities?

Creativity Employees with disabilities often have to think outside the box to discover what best accommodates them, leading to a more diverse input in their work environment.
Innovation Complex processes are simplified and more efficient when designed by and for persons with disabilities.
 Problem-Solving Employees with disabilities bring a unique perspective on how to confront challenges and get the job done, increasing productivity.
Commitment Studies have shown that employees with disabilities stay at jobs longer, thus reducing the time and cost involved in retraining and replacing personnel.


We provide resources to increase awareness and provide information about the hiring process for:

  • Students/Interns with Disabilities, and
  • Supervisors/Managers/HR Professionals