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Welcome to the National Archives and Records Administration

What is the purpose of these web pages?

The Espanol area of our web site, Archives.gov, presents Spanish translation of certain information appearing on our English-language web pages. Our purpose is to help you learn how to obtain services from us.

Some links will provide you information entirely in Spanish. Other links will take you to information on our English web site that may interest persons of Hispanic heritage and/or persons interested in Hispanic culture in the United States.

Please note that these web pages are not a copy of our English-language web site. However, as long as you see the blue box in the upper left corner of our web site, you remain on Archives.gov.

What can I expect regarding Spanish translation at the National Archives?

To best ensure that National Archives employees understand your request, you or your representative should communicate to National Archives employees in English, which is the business language of the National Archives.

Translation services generally are not available at our facilities or by phone or e-mail.

Most of the historical documents in our holdings, which we serve to the public, are written in the English language.

If you can not speak or write in English, and if a friend, associate, or family member can not assist you, you may decide to hire a researcher to be your representative. Note: we do not know how many companies listed here provide services in Spanish. This is an alternative that we present to all of our visitors.

What can I use here?

We will add more information to these pages as we are able to do so.