Executive Branch

Research our Executive Branch Holdings

Only a small percentage of the documents in our holding are available online. In some cases, documents may still be located at the government institution that created them.

Where to Start

There are several ways you may begin to explore documents of components of the Executive branch:

What to Know

To determine if the documents may be in our holdings, you should find:

  1. the approximate date.
  2. where, among our facilities nationwide, the documents are housed.
  3. how they are organized (arranged) in the archives.


General descriptions of the documents are available in our:


View or Copy Our Executive Branch Documents

Explore documents created or used by Federal agencies in their course of business. There are a limited number of documents available online. You can search for:

If the documents you want to view are not available online, your options are:

  1. Visit the National Archives facility that holds the documents.
  2. Hire an independent researcher to explore the documents for you.
  3. Order a reproduction (unofficial copy) of the documents.