Federal Records Centers

FRC 01.2014: Anchorage Facility Closure and Relocation of Records

March 14, 2014

FRC MEMORANDUM TO FEDERAL AGENCY CONTACTS:   Anchorage Facility Closure and Relocation of Records

The National Archives and Records Administration is closing our facility in Anchorage, Alaska, and transferring all of the holdings currently stored at that location to our 36 CFR 1234 compliant facility in Seattle, Washington (http://www.archives.gov/frc/seattle/).

The Seattle FRC, in operation since November 16, 1963, has a seasoned and well trained staff that will be able to meet all of your records center needs. Reference services will continue to be shipped within 24-hours of the receipt of requests and notifications will be provided when your records become eligible for disposition. Customers needing to transfer records should contact the Seattle FRC Transfer and Disposition team at (206) 336-5122 or seattle.transfer@nara.gov.

In addition, those Alaska Federal offices that were receiving records management assistance will continue to receive it from NARA’s Office of the Chief Records Officer’s Agency Assistance team. For more information about this service, please contact Bill Greathouse, the Agency Assistance team leader, on (206) 336-5145 or bill.greathouse@nara.gov.

The Federal Records Centers Program (FRCP) is doing everything it can to ensure that our customers transition to the Seattle facility is as easy as possible. FRCP Account Managers will be reaching out to all affected customers and working with you throughout the transition period.

All other FRCs remain open and will continue to receive and service records as usual. Customers who do not currently do business with the Anchorage facility will not be affected by this closure.

Please send any comments or questions to Steven Ourada, Seattle FRC Director, at (206) 336-5143 or steven.ourada@nara.gov.

David M. Weinberg
Federal Records Centers Program