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Featured Project: United States Coast Guard Vessels that Served in Vietnam

Help Veterans by Scanning Logbooks

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The cover of the logbook for the USCGC Point Glover, December 1966.

Our current featured project involves logbooks of the US Coast Guard vessels that served in the Vietnam War. These vessels participated in Operation Market Time, an effort to patrol the South Vietnamese coast to keep supplies from reaching North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong forces. 

The logbooks contain the highlights of each ship's voyage, written up every four hours by the deck officer on watch. Information recorded may include incidents of shots fired, transportation of detainees, and contact with friendly or unfriendly vessels. Also included in this project are the logbooks of the Southeast Asian LORAN (long-range navigation) stations. 

Many veterans of the Vietnam War use these logbooks today to help establish their eligibility for veterans' benefits. You can help veterans to access the history of the ships they served on by scanning logbook pages. Once each month's logbook is scanned, it'll be uploaded into our online catalog and made easily available to everyone. 

You don't need to make an appointment or fill out a pull slip--just get your National Archives researcher card and come on in to the Innovation Hub. If you can't make it to our downtown DC location but still want to work on this project, you can use our Citizen Archivist Dashboard to work on transcribing or tagging the scanned records. 


We estimate that there are over 100,000 pages that need to be scanned for this project. We are currently 15% of the way there.

You can see these scanned logbooks in our catalog by following this link to USCGInVietnam.