Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO)

National Industrial Security Program Policy Advisory Committee (NISPPAC) Membership

The members of the NISPPAC are representatives of those departments and agencies most affected by the National Industrial Security Program and non-government representatives of contractors, licensees, or grantees involved with classified contracts, licenses, or grants, as determined by the Chair. The Chair appoints the members of NISPPAC. The ISOO Director chairs the NISPPAC. The members include 16 representatives from Executive branch agencies and eight representatives from industry.

To contact the NISPPAC, please e-mail: If you would like your e-mail referred to a specific member of the NISPPAC, please include the member's name in the e-mail. 



ISOO Staff Goverment Members Industry Members
Mark Bradley, Chair  Mark Bradley, Chair 
Information Security Oversight Office
Michelle Sutphin, Chair 
BAE Systems Platforms & Services
E-mail: Michelle Sutphin
Term: 2014-2018
Greg Pannoni, DFO 

Kimberly Baugher
Department of State

Dennis Arriaga
SRI International
E-mail: Dennis Arriaga
Term:  2017-2021
Laura Aghdam Denis Brady
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Robert Harney
Northrup Grumman
E-mail: Robert Harney
Term: 2016-2020
Robert Tringali

Marc Brooks
Department of Energy

Dennis Keith
Harris Corporation
E-mail: Dennis Keith
Term: 2015-2019
Carolina Klink   

Amy Davis
National Security Agency

Daniel McGarvey 
Alion Science and Technology
E-mail: Daniel McGarvey
Term:  2017-2021



Fred Gortler
Defense Security Service

Kirk Poulsen
E-mail: Kirk Poulsen
Term: 2016-2020
  Anna Harrison 
Department of Justice
Martin Strones
Strones Enterprises, Inc.
E-mail: Martin Strones
Term: 2014-2018
  Valerie B. Kerben 
Office of the Director of National Intelligence 
Quinton L. Wilkes, ISP
L-3 Communications
E-mail: Quinton L. Wilkes
Term: 2015-2019
  Dr. Mark Livingston
Department of the Navy
  David M. Lowy
Department of the Air Force
  Steven Lynch
Department of Homeland Security
  Michael D. Mahoney
Central Intelligence Agency  
  Richard Townsend
Department of Commerce
  Patricia Stokes
Department of the Army
  Zuddayyah L. Taylor Dunn
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  Ben Richardson
Department of Defense