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Records Pertaining to John G. Roberts, Jr.

Released on August 29, 2005

Record Group 60: Department of Justice
Accession #60-88-0494
Files of Carolyn B. Kuhl

(All documents are in PDF format )

Box No. Title
1 Suspense File cbk
1. Memorandum: Medal of Freedom; Carolyn B. Kuhl to Tex Lezar, et al; December 7, 1981 (1 page).

Chron 9-1-82 cbk
2. Note with attachments: Meetings with James Butler; Jane to [No name]; October 14 [1982]; (3 pages).

Appellate Arguments cbk
3. Memorandum: Appellate Argument Opportunities; John Roberts to Ken Starr; August 26, 1981 (2 pages).
3 Exclusionary Rule
4. Memorandum: Issues Relating to Elimination of the Exclusionary Rule in Fourth Amendment Search and Seizure Cases; Carolyn B. Kuhl to Theodore B. Olson; September 24, 1981 (13 pages).

First Amendment
5. Memorandum: Possible Topics for "First Amendment" Speech; Carolyn B. Kuhl to Tex Lezar; February 9, 1982 (3 pages).

Habeas Corpus
6. Note with attachment: "…copy of Justice Powell's recent remarks"; Carolyn B. Kuhl to The Attorney General; August 12, 1982 (2 pages).
5 Medal of Freedom
7. Memorandum: Medal of Freedom; Carolyn B. Kuhl to Tex Lezar, et al; December 7, 1981 (1 page).

8. Memorandum: "…to cover the 'incidental' bill from Xerox"; Stanley E. Morris to "See Attached List"; May 3, 1982 (2 pages).

Kuhl Miscellaneous
9. Memorandum: Rees Memorandum; John Roberts to Sandra Day O'Connor; September 9, 1981 (12 pages).

Judge Walker Nixon
10. Memorandum: Judge Nixon's Opinions; John Roberts to Kenneth W. Starr; October 1, 1981 (2 pages).
6 PIPS cbk
11. Memorandum: PIPS Project; Chips Stewart to Ken Starr, et al; October 21, 1981 (13 pages).
7 Solicitor General's Office
12. Executive Secretariat Controlled Correspondence; John G. Roberts, OAG to AG; 06-18-82 (3 pages).
8 Plyer v. Doe- TX Illegal Alien Case
13. Memorandum: Plyer v. Doe-"The Texas Illegal Aliens Case"; Carolyn B. Kuhl to The Attorney General; June 15, 1982 (2 pages).
9 Removal of Sup. Crt- Appellate Jurisdiction
14.Memorandum: Transcripts of network reporting of the court-stripping and busing opinions; Tom DeCair to The Attorney General et al; May 7, 1982 (5 pages).

15. Memorandum: "Attached is the information provided to the White House today-"; Tom DeCair to AG, et al; May 6, 1982 (3 pages).

16. Memorandum: Conference Sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute; Hank Habicht to "See List Below"; September 24, 1981 (4 pages).

U.S. Atty. Conf Mid-size Minneapolis, Minn.
17. Schedule for the Attorney General's Trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota; July 11-12, 1982 (3 pages).