National Historical Publications & Records Commission

NHPRC Peer Reviewers, FY 2021

The following people served as peer reviewers on NHPRC applications in FY 2021. We are grateful for their service.


Meaghan Alston

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill


Racine Amos

Pennsylvania State University


Lindsay Anderberg

New York University


Glenda Anderson 

Savannah Municipal Archives


Tenisha Armstrong

Stanford University


Noelle Baker 

Association for Documentary Editing 


Terry Badger

Washington State Archives


Linda Barrett 

Fort Worth Library 


David Alexander Bateman 

Cornell University 


Caitlin Biggers

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art


Megan Birk 

University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley 


Emily Brahler 

Catholic University of America


Zachary Brodt 

University of Pittsburgh 


Vincent Brooks 

The Library of Virginia 


Kathryn Cramer Brownell 

Purdue University 


Kathleen Carter

University of Georgia


Conor Casey

University of Washington


Celia Caust-Ellenbogen 

Swarthmore College 


Jane Turner Censer 

George Mason University 


Joan E. Chasin 

Ohio State University 


Wesley Chenault

Cornell University


Marlayna Christensen

University of California San Diego


Katie Clark

Historical Society of Pennsylvania


Jackie Cohan 

City of Alexandria (VA) Archives and Records Center 


Christy Costlow 

Travis County (TX) Archives 


Gregory Crawford

Library of Virginia


Shelly Croteau

Boone County (MO) Clerk’s Office


Adriana Cuervo

Rutgers University


Rachel Curtis

Library of Congress 


Carrie Daniels 

University of Louisville 


Ron Davidson 

Sandusky (OH) Library 


Cornelia H. Dayton 

University of Connecticut 


Sarah Demb 

Harvard University 


Jeremy Dibbell

Binghamton University


William C. diGiacomantonio 

U.S. Capitol Historical Society 


Daniel DiLandro 

Buffalo State College 


Elizabeth Dinschel

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Jennifer Dorsey 

Siena College 


Thomas Downey 

Princeton University 


Gregory P. Downs 

University of California, Davis 


Virginia Dressler 

Kent State University 


Marcie Farwell

Cornell University


Lorien L. Foote 

Texas A&M University 


Anne Foster

Yellowstone National Park Archives


Ed Galloway 

Pennsylvania State University


Sara Georgini 

Massachusetts Historical Society 


Melissa Gonzales

Houston Community College


Matt Gorzalski 

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale 


Jennifer Green

Oklahoma City Archives


Joanna Grisinger 

Northwestern University 


Wendy Guerra

University of Nebraska Omaha


Nicholas Guyatt 

University of Cambridge 


Claire Heckel

University of North Carolina Greensboro


Bruce Hevly 

University of Washington 


Gwen Higgins 

University of Alaska Anchorage 


Cliff Hight 

Kansas State University 


Ashelee Gerald Hill

Wake Forest University


Kathleen Hilliard 

Iowa State University 


Linda Hocking

Litchfield Historical Society


Sarah Jackson 

Harris County (TX) Archives 


Elizabeth James

Marshall University


Autumn Johnson

Georgia Southern University


Kathleen Jordan

Library of Virginia


Peter Kastor 

Washington University in St. Louis 


Rebecca Katz

District of Columbia Office of Public Records


Sarah Keen 

Colgate University 


Julia Keiser 

Weeksville Heritage Center


Sean M. Kelley 

University of Essex 


Kelly Kennington 

Auburn University



Mary Larson

Oklahoma State University Library


Lindsey Loeper 

University of Maryland, Baltimore County 


Glenn Longacre 

National Archives and Records Administration – Chicago  


Michael Lotstein

Yale University


Dominique Luster 

Carnegie Museum of Art 


Sarah Mainville

Michigan State University


Kate Masur 

Northwestern University 


Alicia Mauldin-Ware

United States Military Academy


Carolina Maun 

Wayne State University 


Katie McCormick 

Florida State University 


Jennifer McGillan

Mississippi State University


Brian D. McKnight 

University of Virginia at Wise 


Laurel McPhee

University of California San Diego


Melanie Meyers

American Jewish Historical Society


Joel Minor

Washington University St. Louis


Mary Niall Mitchell 

University of New Orleans 


Paula Mitchell 

Southern Utah University 


Carla J. Mulford 

Pennsylvania State University


Elizabeth Myers 

Smith College 


Abbie Norderhaug

Wisconsin Historical Society


Rodney Obien

Keene State University


Catherine O’Donnell 

Arizona State University 


Cheryl Oestreicher 

Boise State University 


Elizabeth Parker

Cornell University


Amanda Pellerin 

Georgia Institute of Technology 


Melissa Pena

Museum of South Texas History


Heather Perez

Stockton University


Lawrence A. Peskin 

Morgan State University 


Robin Pike 

University of Maryland 


Sarah Potter 

University of Memphis 


Sarah Pratt 

Simmons College 


Lizeth Ramirez

University of California Los Angeles


Tina Ratcliff 

Montgomery County (OH) Records Center & Archives 


Linda Reynolds 

Stephen F. Austin State University 


Blythe Roveland-Brenton

Binghamton University


Marc Rothenberg 

National Science Foundation 


Edward Rugemer 

Yale University


Tom Ruller

New York State Education Department


Jessica Salow

Arizona State University


Laurie Sather

Hagley Museum and Library


Amy Schindler

University of Nebraska Omaha


Eric Schlereth 

University of Texas at Dallas


Arlene Schulmand

University of Alaska


Lori Schwartz

University of Nebraska Omaha


Kathryn Shaughnessy

St. John’s University


Christine E. Sears 

University of Alabama, Huntsville


Elizabeth Tandy Shermer 

Loyola University of Chicago 


Kathryn Slover

University of Texas Arlington


Lynn Smith

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Kristy Sorensen 

Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary 


Jason Stacy 

Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville


Cheryl Stadel-Bevans

Department of Housing and Urban Development


Jennifer Steenshorne 

New York, NY


Armando Suarez

Princeton University


Karen Tani 

University of Pennsylvania


Jaycie Vos 

University of Northern Iowa 


David Ware

Arkansas State Archives


Beth Williams  

Dekalb (GA) School of Arts 


Jan Wilson 

University of Tulsa


Ashton Wingate

NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund 


Sarah Woods

El Pomar Foundation