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Duff Green Papers

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General Duff Green, by Mathew Brady. Courtesy Library of Congress.


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Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library (1967)

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Duff Green (1791 –1875) was a journalist, politician, and industrial promoter. He purchased and edited the St Louis Enquirer and later the United States Telegraph, which became the principal organ of Andrew Jackson's backers, helping him defeat John Quincy Adams in the presidential election of 1828. The collection chiefly consists of correspondence, business records, and writings of Duff Green and of his son, Benjamin Edwards Green (1822-1907), businessman and diplomat. The bulk of the papers relate to far-flung and diverse business enterprises, a lesser but substantial part to politics. Duff Green's political papers cover the Jacksonian, Civil War, and Reconstruction eras. Besides business and political correspondence, B. E. Green's papers include items relating to his diplomatic missions in Mexico, 1844, and the West Indies, 1849, and a considerable quantity of writings about Mexico, finance (he was a leader of the Greenback Party), religion, industry, and labor, and the issues of the Civil War and Reconstruction.

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