National Historical Publications & Records Commission

NHPRC Publishing Projects Catalog


In 1934 Congress passed, and President Franklin Roosevelt signed, “An Act to establish a National Archives of the United States Government,” which also provides for a Historical Publications Commission to “make plans, estimates, and recommendations for such historical works and collections of sources as seem appropriate for publication and/or otherwise recording at the public expense.”

Three decades later, that program received its first appropriated funds, and since 1965, what is now known as the National Historical Publications and Records Commission has been funding projects that make historical works and collections of sources available through documentary editions, in print, microfilm, and digital versions.

This catalog is a descriptive list of those publication projects with links that will help users locate or access the materials.



Minutes and Correspondence of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 1812-1924 

The Adams Papers 

The Jane Addams Papers 

Ethan Allen and His Kin: Correspondence, 1772-1819

Anderson Family Papers, 1802-1905

The Papers of David Avery, 1746-1818 

The Diary of Isaac Backus 

Journals of Captain Edward Baker, 1846-1895 

Richard A. Ballinger Papers, 1907-1920

George Bancroft Papers, 1811-1901 

The Papers of Josiah Bartlett 

Baynton, Wharton, and Morgan Papers

John Macpherson Berrien Papers

The Papers of Charles E. Bessey 

Bexar Archives, 1717-1836 

The Black Abolitionist Papers 

The Papers of Julian Bond 

The Papers of Henry Bouquet 

Thomas Bragg Diary, 1861-1862

The Papers of Louis D. Brandeis 

Religious Philanthropy and Colonial Slavery: The American Correspondence of the Associates of Dr. Bray, 1717-1777 

Joseph Little Bristow Papers, 1894-1925

John Stillman Brown Family Papers, 1818-1907

Orestes Augustus Brownson Papers 

The Letters of William Cullen Bryant 

James Buchanan Papers 

Thomas Burke Papers

Papers of Aaron Burr

The Papers of John C. Calhoun 

Callbreath, Grant and Cook, Merchants, Wrangell, Alaska: Letterpress Copy Books, 1878-1898ca

Calvert Papers 

The Charles Carroll of Carrollton Papers 

Carter Family Papers, 1659-1797, in the Sabine Hall Collection 

George Washington Carver Papers at Tuskegee Institute, 1864-1943 

An Education in Psychology: James McKeen Cattell's Journal and Letters from Germany and England 

Samuel M. Chapman Papers, 1866-1906 

The Papers of Salmon P. Chase 

Mary Chesnut's Civil War 

Correspondence of Charles Chesnutt 

Lydia Maria Child: Selected Letters and Correspondence 

Circular Letters of Congressmen to Their Constituents, 1789–1829

Civil War Governors of Kentucky

Civil War & Reconstruction Governors of Mississippi

The Papers of Henry Clay

The Papers of John R. Commons 

Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution and the Adoption of the Bill of Rights

Documents Relating to the Coronado Expedition 

County Court Houses of the United States: The Seagram County Court House Archives

Papers of Tench Coxe 



Dakota Territorial Records

The Papers of Jefferson Davis 

The Papers of Eugene V. Debs 

Detroit Urban League Papers 

John Dickinson Writings

Records of the Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas, 1576-1803 

Ignatius Donnelly Papers 

The Papers of Frederick Douglass 

Draper Manuscripts 

The Diary of Elizabeth Drinker 

Edward Dromgoole Papers

Papers of W.E.B. Du Bois, 1877-1965 

The Papers of Thomas A. Edison 

The Papers of Dwight D. Eisenhower 

The Papers of Richard T. Ely 

John Ericsson Collection 

Edward Everett Papers 

Thomas Ewing, Jr., Papers

Thomas Ewing, Sr., Papers

Millard Fillmore Papers

Documentary History of the First Federal Congress

Documentary History of the First Federal Elections 

Forbes Family Papers 

Manning Ferguson Force Papers, 1835-1885

Emerging Nation: Documentary History of the Foreign Relations of U.S., 1780-1789

The Papers of Benjamin Franklin 

The Franklin Institute and the Making of Industrial America 

Freedom: A Documentary History of Emancipation 

The Letters of Jessie Benton Fremont 

The Expeditions of John Charles Fremont 

Benjamin Brown French: Witness to the Young Republic: A Yankee's Journal, 1828-1870 

Robert W. Furnas Papers, 1844-1905 

Papers of Albert Gallatin

The Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Association Papers 

William Gaston Papers

Horatio Gates Papers

Washington Gladden Collection

The Papers of Emma Goldman 

The Samuel Gompers Papers 

The Journals of Josiah Gorgas 

The Papers of Ulysses S. Grant 

Duff Green Papers

The Papers of Nathanael Greene 

The Diaries of David Lawrence Gregg: An American Diplomat in Hawaii, 1853-1858 

D. W. Griffith Papers, 1897-1954 



Papers of George Ellery Hale, 1882-1938 

The Papers of Alexander Hamilton 

Naval Papers of Sir Andrew Snape Hamond 

Warren G. Harding Papers 

Documentary History of George Rapp's Harmony Society, 1700-1916

Robert Goodloe Harper Family Papers

Papers of John Peabody Harrington in the Smithsonian Institution, 1907-1957

Papers of Rutherford B. Hayes 

The Papers of Joseph Henry

Hilary Abner Herbert Papers

Morris Hillquit Papers 

Isabella Beecher Hooker Project 

Papers of John and Lugenia Burns Hope

Records of the Johns Hopkins University Seminary of History and Politics 

Emily Howland Papers

Papers of R.M.T. Hunter, 1817-1887 

Thaddeus Hyatt Papers, 1843-1898

The Papers of James Iredell

John Ireland Papers 

The Papers of Andrew Jackson 

The Harriet Jacobs Papers

John Franklin Jameson and the Development of Humanistic Scholarship in America 

Selected Papers of John Jay

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson 

The Papers of Andrew Johnson 

The Papers of John Paul Jones 

The Papers of Mother Jones 

Samuel Milton Jones Papers 

David Starr Jordan Papers, 1861-1964 

Kansas Town and Land Company, Inc., 1888-1905 

The Selected Letters of Florence Kelley

Frank B. Kellogg Papers 

John Pendleton Kennedy Papers 

The Papers of Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Claude Kitchin Papers



Lafayette in the Age of the American Revolution: Selected Letters and Papers, 1776-1790

Papers of Robert M. La Follette

"Last Seen: Finding Family After Slavery" 

The Papers of Benjamin Henry Latrobe 

The Papers of Henry Laurens 

Lee Family Papers 

The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

The Papers of Abraham Lincoln 

Benjamin Lincoln Papers 

The Papers of William Livingston 

Lloyd Family Papers 

Papers of Henry Demarest Lloyd 

Chester I. Long Papers, 1890-1928

The Northern Expeditions of Stephen H. Long

Francis B. Loomis Papers  

William Lowndes Papers

Corcoran Journals of William MacLeod 

The Correspondence of William Maclure and Marie Duclos Fretageot, 1820-1833 

The Selected Letters of Dolley Payne Madison

The Papers of James Madison 

The Papers of George C. Marshall

The Papers of John Marshall 

The Papers of George Mason

Washington Matthews Papers 

The North American Journals of Prince Maximilian of Wied, 1832-1834

Samuel Maxwell Papers, 1853-1901 

Philip Mazzei: Selected Writings and Correspondence 

The Papers of Charles McCarthy 

Social Reform Papers of John James McCook 

Isaac McCoy Papers, 1861-1874

John J. McGilvra Papers, 1861-1903

Jotham Meeker Papers, 1825-1864

Christopher Gustavus Memminger Papers

Pierre Menard Collection

The Whiskey Merchant’s Diary (Joseph Mersman)

Robert Andrews Millikan Collection 

The Papers of Robert Mills 

The Papers of Clarence Mitchell, Jr. 

The Papers of James Monroe

Papers of Carlos Montezuma, M.D.

The Moravian Mission at Springplace

The Papers of Robert Morris 

Morristown National Historical Park Manuscript Collection

J. Sterling Morton Papers, 1849-1902 

The Letters of Lucretia Coffin Mott 

John Muir Papers, 1856-1942 

Edgar Gardner Murphy Papers



Nebraska Farmers' Alliance Papers, 1887-1901 

New England Emigrant Aid Company Papers, 1854-1909

New Netherland Archive

Archives of New Mexico, 1621-1912

John Nicholson Papers

National Nonpartisan League Papers 

Northern Pacific Land Department Records 

The Papers of Frederick Law Olmsted 

Oregon Improvement Company Records, 1880-1896

Oregon Province Archives of the Society of Jesus Native American Collections 

David Outlaw Papers

Robert Treat Paine Papers

The Papers of Panton, Leslie and Company

Charles Willson Peale Family Papers

Thomas Penn Papers 

The Papers of William Penn 

Benjamin Franklin Perry Papers

Richard F. Pettigrew Papers

Timothy Pickering Papers 

The Journals of Zebulon Montgomery Pike

Pinckney Statesmen of South Carolina

William Plumer Papers, 1778-1854 

Plymouth Court Records, 1686-1859

John Henry Ingram's Edgar Allan Poe Collection 

The Correspondence of James K. Polk 

Peter B. Porter Papers

John G. Pratt Papers, 1834-1899

Presidential Recordings Project 

Papers Relating to the Quincy, Wendell, Holmes, and Upham Families

Race, Slavery, Free Blacks: Petitions to Southern Legislatures and County Courts, 1775-1866 

The Correspondence of Constantine Rafinesque

Alexander Ramsey Papers and Records 

Private Papers of Charles and Sara T.D. Robinson, 1834-1911

The Papers of Eleanor Roosevelt 

The Papers of Edward A. Ross 

The Papers of Chief John Ross 

The Papers of Joseph Trimble Rothrock, M.D.

Letters and Papers of Richard Rush 

John Rutledge Papers



Records of the Salem Witch-Hunt

The Margaret Sanger Papers 

Winthrop Sargent Papers 

The Papers of Henry R. Schoolcraft

William R. Shafter Papers, 1862-1938 

Lemuel Shaw Papers 

William Tecumseh Sherman Family Papers 

Henry Hastings Sibley Papers 

History of the Sisters of the Holy Cross

Records of the Socialist Labor Party of America 

Socialist Party of America Papers 

The Papers of the Society of American Indians 

Documentary Relations of the Southwest 

Selected Letters of Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony 

Papers of General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben

Isaac Ingalls Stevens Papers

Stevens Family Papers 

The Correspondence of Thaddeus Stevens 

Ethelbert Stewart Papers

Ezra Stiles Papers

Papers of Henry Lewis Stimson

Willard Straight Papers

Selected Letters of Charles Sumner 

Documentary History of the Supreme Court of the United States, 1789-1800 

The Susquehannah Company Papers 

The Robert A. Taft Papers

Lawrence Taliaferro Papers 

James Wickes Taylor Papers 

Correspondence of Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore 

Temperance and Prohibition Papers 

Papers of M. Carey Thomas 

The Papers of William Thornton

The Howard Thurman Papers 

St. George Tucker’s Law Reports and Selected Papers

Tuskegee Institute News Clippings

The Papers of Martin Van Buren 

The Papers of Charles R. Van Hise

The Papers of Zebulon Baird Vance

The Journals of don Diego de Vargas 

Virginia Gazette Daybooks, 1750-1752 and 1764-1766 



Henry A. Wallace Papers

William H. Wallace Papers

Papers of the War Department, 1784-1800 

Artemas Ward Papers 

David Bailie Warden Papers 

Henry Clay Warmoth Papers

The Booker T. Washington Papers 

The Papers of George Washington 

Washington Territorial Government Papers, 1853-1875

The Papers of Daniel Webster 

Papers of Eleazar Wheelock 

Andrew Dickson White Papers

Walt Whitman Archive

The Journals of Frances Willard 

The Correspondence of Roger Williams 

The Papers of Woodrow Wilson 

William Wirt Papers 

Papers of the Women's Trade Union League and its Principal Leaders 

Wôpanâak Inscribed: Digital Edition of a 17th-Century Wampanoag Lexicon

Benjamin Cudworth Yancey Papers

Yale Indian Papers Project

Yellowstone National Park: Its Exploration and Establishment