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Yale Indian Papers Project


Yale University

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The Yale Indian Papers Project is a scholarly editing endeavor initiative that promotes understanding of, and dialogue on, the historical and cultural forces that have shaped New England Indian life for several hundred years. With a focus on the three essential elements of the learned process—collections, scholars, and publications—the project accomplishes its mission by locating, digitizing, transcribing, and annotating primary source materials by, on, or about New England Indians and publishing them at one readily available online resource, The Native Northeast Portal. The archives provide visual and intellectual access to a fragmented and widely dispersed collection of primary source materials, assembled from partner institutions in the United States and the United Kingdom. This represents a foundational set of documents exploring various aspects of nearly four centuries of native life, including history, religion, politics, law, and culture, as well as issues of community, land, gender, race, identity, migration, sovereignty, and social justice. The NHPRC-supported Massachusetts Collection consists of 2,700 fully transcribed and annotated petitions to Massachusetts authorities covering three broad chronological periods:

  • The Massachusetts Bay Colony: First Contact to 1783
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts: Early republic Period, 1784-1869
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts: Modern Period, 1870-1945.



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