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Philip Mazzei: Selected Writings and Correspondence

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Philip Mazzei; portrait by Jacques-Louis David (c.1790)


Fairleigh Dickinson University

Publisher: Cassa di Risparmi e Depositi di Prato, Italy

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A selective edition of the papers of Philip Mazzei (1730-1816) was an Italian physician, merchant, diplomat, and a close friend of Thomas Jefferson. Mazzei acted as an agent to purchase arms for Virginia during the American Revolutionary War. After the war, Mazzei travelled throughout Europe promoting Republican ideals. He wrote a political history of the American Revolution, Recherches historiques et politiques sur les Etats-Unis de l'Amerique septentrionale, which was published Paris in 1788. Also available a comprehensive microfilm edition of the papers of the Italian merchant, philosopher, diplomat, author, and agent in the American Revolution. Includes 2,700 documents from repositories in the United States, Great Britain, France, ltaly, and Poland. 9 reels

Complete in three volumes.




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