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The Papers of Richard T. Ely

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Richard T. Ely, portrait published in The Comrade (New York), 1903


(Microfilm Edition)

State Historical Society of Wisconsin

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Richard T. Ely (1854-1943) was an American economist, author, and leader of the Progressive movement. The Wisconsin Progressives called for more government intervention in order to reform what they perceived as the injustices of capitalism, especially regarding factory conditions, compulsory education, child labor, and labor unions. Ely was a founder and the first Secretary of the American Economic Association, a founder and secretary of the Christian Social Union, and the author of a series of widely read books on the organized labor movement, socialism, and other social questions.

This edition is part of a series of the papers of five major reformers in the “Progressive Era,” 1850–1950: Richard T. Ely, Edward A. Ross, Charles McCarthy, John R. Commons, and Charles R. Van Hise. Each collection is available separately.

191 reels, 78-page guide


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