National Historical Publications & Records Commission

Catalog of Publishing Projects (A-C)

Minutes and Correspondence of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 1812-1924 

The Adams Papers 

The Jane Addams Papers 

Ethan Allen and His Kin: Correspondence, 1772-1819

Anderson Family Papers, 1802-1905

The Papers of David Avery, 1746-1818 

The Diary of Isaac Backus 

Journals of Captain Edward Baker, 1846-1895 

Richard A. Ballinger Papers, 1907-1920

George Bancroft Papers, 1811-1901 

The Papers of Josiah Bartlett 

Baynton, Wharton, and Morgan Papers

John Macpherson Berrien Papers

The Papers of Charles E. Bessey 

Bexar Archives, 1717-1836 

The Black Abolitionist Papers 

The Papers of Julian Bond 

The Papers of Henry Bouquet 

Thomas Bragg Diary, 1861-1862

The Papers of Louis D. Brandeis 

Religious Philanthropy and Colonial Slavery: The American Correspondence of the Associates of Dr. Bray, 1717-1777 

Joseph Little Bristow Papers, 1894-1925

John Stillman Brown Family Papers, 1818-1907

Orestes Augustus Brownson Papers 

The Letters of William Cullen Bryant 

James Buchanan Papers 

Thomas Burke Papers

Papers of Aaron Burr

The Papers of John C. Calhoun 

Callbreath, Grant and Cook, Merchants, Wrangell, Alaska: Letterpress Copy Books, 1878-1898ca

Calvert Papers 

The Charles Carroll of Carrollton Papers 

Carter Family Papers, 1659-1797, in the Sabine Hall Collection 

George Washington Carver Papers at Tuskegee Institute, 1864-1943 

An Education in Psychology: James McKeen Cattell's Journal and Letters from Germany and England 

Samuel M. Chapman Papers, 1866-1906 

The Papers of Salmon P. Chase 

Mary Chesnut's Civil War 

Correspondence of Charles Chesnutt 

Lydia Maria Child: Selected Letters and Correspondence 

Circular Letters of Congressmen to Their Constituents, 1789–1829

Civil War Governors of Kentucky

Civil War & Reconstruction Governors of Mississippi

The Papers of Henry Clay

The Papers of John R. Commons 

Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution and the Adoption of the Bill of Rights

Documents Relating to the Coronado Expedition 

County Court Houses of the United States: The Seagram County Court House Archives

Papers of Tench Coxe