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Oregon Province Archives of the Society of Jesus Native American Collections

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Native Alaskan deadfall trap from the Oregon Province Archives of the Society of Jesus Collections, Gonzaga University


(Microfilm Edition)

Gonzaga University

Four major collections from the Jesuit Archives in Oregon.


Alaska Mission Collection

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A collection of documents prepared by Jesuit missionaries in the 19th and early 20th centuries with material from 14 mission stations and 13 missionaries. The mission station documents include land and water rights verification, correspondence with other missions and superiors, plus House Diaries, Historis Domus and the Litterae Annuae. The documents of the 13 missionaries include correspondence, published and unpublished history manuscripts and any publications about the person. Personal diaries are included where available. The guide also contains short histories of the missions and biographical sketches of the missionaries.

42 reels, 92-page guide


Alaska Native Languages

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Dictionaries, sermons, prayers, and other papers in four Indian languages—Central Yupik and Inupiaq (Eskimo-Aleut) and Ingalik and Koyukon (Athabaskan-Eyak).

28 reels, 49-page guide


Pacific Northwest Tribes Missions Collection

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Manuscripts, diaries, personal papers, and other records documenting Jesuit missionary activities among 14 mission stations in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and western Montana, and the society and culture of Indian tribes, including the Flatheads, Blackfeet, Cheyenne, Crow, Coeur D'Alene, Nez Perce, Colville, Spokane, Umatilla, Kootenai, San Poil, Kalispel in the Northwest, during the years 1853-1960.

34 reels


Pacific Northwest Tribes Language Collection

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Linguistic manuscripts of more than a dozen tribes in five Pacific Northwest states, including writings on and in various Native American languages by several Jesuit missionaries.

21 reels, 43-page guide





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