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The Correspondence of William Maclure and Marie Duclos Fretageot, 1820–1833

Indiana Historical Society

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Published as Partnership for Posterity, this is a selective edition of the correspondence between William Maclure (1763-1840) and Marie Duclos Fretageot (1783-1833). Maclure was an Americanized Scottish geologist, cartographer and philanthropist, who served as President of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. Madame Fretageot moved from France to Philadelphia in 1821, where she established a school and, like Maclure, became interested in Robert Owen's principles for social reform. In 1826 both Maclure and Madame Fretageot moved to New Harmony, Indiana to join in Robert Owen's experimental community. This correspondence reflects interest in science and in educational reforms based on the methods of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi.. The letters are especially important for understanding the experiment in communal living at New Harmony, Indiana, between 1826 and 1831.

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Partnership for Posterity


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